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Survey: The benefits system in Wales

Published: 03/08/2021

Recently, the Welsh Affairs Committee launched a survey to hear about people’s experiences of the benefits system. 

Last month the Committee opened an inquiry into the system, The Benefits System in Wales, examining the challenges it faces, the extent to which it is effective in tackling poverty and possible reforms. Now it wants to hear directly from claimants, to get a better picture of the issues they face and what questions the Committee should ask the UK Government. 

The survey is open to all claimants in Wales as well as those who have considered claiming. It covers UK benefits as well as Welsh Government and local authority support, such as Council Tax Reduction and the Emergency Assistance Fund. The Committee welcomes claimants sharing their experiences and views. The information provided may be published and used in Committee proceedings, however the survey itself is anonymous.

It is available in both English and Welsh and is open until 17:00 on Wednesday 22 September – the survey can be accessed here