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Flintshire Childcare Sufficiency Assessment 2017-2021

Published: 05/10/2016

What is a Childcare Sufficiency Assessment? Every five years Flintshire County Council must complete a piece of work called a ’Childcare Sufficiency Assessment’. This means that: Information is gathered to show: · Where children live across Flintshire · What childcare is available within these Flintshire areas · How many children access these places · How much of the childcare available is unfilled · Where are the gaps · What do parents think · Is the childcare meeting the needs of parents · What stops parents using childcare · How could childcare in Flintshire be improved How can you help? This is where you come in. The following questionnaire has been produced to try and get some answers to these questions and see what you as parents / carers think! If you would please just spend a few minutes answering some of the questions about your childcare or why you don’t use childcare, we can then build up a picture of parents’ / carers’’ needs and views across Flintshire. The more responses we have the better the chance of getting it right! Questionnaires can be completed online at: If you require a different format or would like to talk through your answers please telephone The Family Information Service on 01352 703500. Please take the time to complete the survey.