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End of refurbishment works in sight

Published: 13/06/2016

The scaffolding has started to come down from Richard Heights – one of the high rise tower blocks in Flint – heralding the start of the end of the major upgrade works which is part of Flintshire County Council’s ambitious plans to regenerate the town. The large scale works on the 270 high rise flats has been delivered by contractor SERS Energy Solutions Ltd (SERS). This scheme is part of Flintshire County Council’s Welsh Housing Quality Standard (WHQS), an overall £100 million upgrade to the Council’s housing stock across the county. Properties are in the process of receiving external wall insulation including new windows and doors to improve security, cut heat-loss and reduce carbon emissions. The works also include roof replacements, upgrades to the heating system and a TV upgrade from old coax cable to state-of-the-art fibre optic cable. The project has also included the installation of a sprinkler system in collaboration with the Fire Service and the refurbishment of pipework that was no longer fit for purpose after the demolition of the maisonettes, which were connected to the old system in the two tower blocks. Flintshire County Council’s Cabinet Member for Housing, Councillor Helen Brown, said: “The work being completed is all about future-proofing these popular buildings and about ensuring that tenants enjoy homes that are warm, comfortable and affordable. The three towers were built in the 1960s and 1970s and were sorely in need of updating. We understand that the work has been disruptive for the tenants and I would like to thank them all for their patience and understanding during the works. I hope they will feel that it has all been worth it.” SERS have completed concrete repairs as well as providing an insulated silicone render system on the external walls of the towers. John Cottrell, Project Manager of SERS, explains: “The towers were very thermally inefficient – they were literally “leaking heat” and this external covering brings them up-to-date and even takes them beyond current new build standards for thermal efficiency. Essentially we have covered them with a big woolly jacket. Not only will this jacket hold heat in during the winter, it will help stop the building overheating in the summer.” The Leader of Flintshire County Council, Councillor Aaron Shotton, said: ”This contract has been a massively important first step for the Council’s housing strategy and shows that we mean it when we say that all our residents have the right to decent and appropriate accommodation and living standards. These works will breathe new life into the Flint Towers and make them energy efficient, lowering carbon emissions and heating costs into the future.” Mrs Jean Schofield, who has resided in Richard Heights for over 30 years is delighted with the refurbishments. She said: “Although there has been some disruption, which is inevitable with any sort of major work like this, the contractors and the Council have kept us regularly informed of what was happening. Seeing the scaffolding start to come down is really exciting – it will make a huge difference to the external appearance of the towers. And we’re already benefitting from the internal improvements. Thank you to everyone involved.” From the left: Cllr David Cox, residents Christina Rodriguez and Evelyn Avery, Tony Jones, FCC Capital Works Team Manager, residents Ann Cashmore, Anne Bennett and Jean Schofield, Mark Phythian and Chris Grocott, FCC Contract Surveyors and Cllr Helen Brown, Cabinet Member for Housing