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Children and teenagers in North Wales need you!

Published: 05/05/2016

That is the rallying cry from a new website launched by local council fostering teams this month. Fostering teams across North Wales are working to encourage more local people to foster children in North Wales, especially children over the age of 10 and they want you to visit the new website. With over 400 foster carers in North Wales, Flintshire is working with the other five councils in the area to provide care for over 1,000 looked-after children and young people. Every 20 minutes across the UK a child comes into care and is in need of a foster family, and we do not have enough foster carers in North Wales. Flintshire County Council’s Cabinet Member for Social Services, Councillor Christine Jones, said: “Good foster carers are needed to make a difference to children’s futures and their life chances. We need local people who can provide safe, caring and nurturing family environment where children can develop and thrive, and reach their full potential. “Foster carers are not on their own. Experienced teams work together with foster families to provide the support needed to help carers through the difficult times and help children to overcome the trauma they have experienced in their early life.” The criteria to become a foster carer may be more open than you think. Many people rule themselves out of fostering, but we would encourage them just to speak to us before giving up on the idea. There is no age limit or qualifications. You can be single. You can work as well as foster. You will need a spare bedroom. There are different types of fostering to suit you and your family. The most important thing is that you can spend time with children, listen and provide stability even when the going gets tough. For anyone interested in finding out more about fostering, visit