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Understanding recycling habits

Published: 05/04/2016

Flintshire County Councillors, Town and Community Councils, residents and service users are being asked to take part in a survey over the coming weeks, to help the Council understand local needs, so that a full review of the Waste Collection, Household Recycling and Bring Site Policy can be undertaken. The review is necessary to ensure the Council achieves future challenging statutory recycIing targets set by Welsh Government. Flintshire County Councils Cabinet Member for Waste Strategy, Councillor Kevin Jones said: Whilst thanking our residents for their ongoing support, by choosing to recycle more, we can all help make Flintshire cleaner and greener and save £1.33 million every year - money that could be spent on other vital services around the county. We are now recycling over 58% of waste, but we must do more. All Councils in Wales must recycle at least 70% of their waste by 2025. We need to find ways to recycle more today so that, in future, we can reduce our landfill costs and avoid significant fines for not recycling enough. We would like to know more about household recycling habits, so that we can find ways to help people recycle more. Information on how to take part in the survey can be found on the Councils website The closing date for responses is 29 April.