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The safe disposal of Lateral Flow Devices (LFDs), Face Coverings and Gloves

Published: 19/04/2021

Keeping Flintshire safe.jpgAs we all continue to take steps to supress the transmission of COVID-19, the use of Lateral Flow Devices (LFDs) at home is increasing and Flintshire County Council would like to urge residents to dispose of LFDs safely and responsibly after use. 

LFDs are used to identify people with COVID-19 who are not showing symptoms. Using a swab to take a sample from the back of the throat and nose, the device detects proteins present when a person has COVID-19.  

When using LFDs at home please follow the guidance below:  

  • DO NOT put the LFDs in recycling containers;
  • if the test is NEGATIVE please put the LFD into your black bin waste;
  • if the test is POSITIVE please place the LFD into a secure bag and keep it in a safe place for 72 hours. After this time place the secure bag into your black bin waste.  

Where the test is positive you will need to comply with current self-isolation guidelines.  During this self-isolation period please: 

  • DO NOT put any tissues, disposable cloths, and masks (if worn) in the recycling containers - dispose of them in your black bin ONLY;
  • follow national guidelines and set your waste aside and do not put your waste bin out for collection for at least 72 hours;
  • ensure that recycling items such as glass, cans and plastics are washed thoroughly and dry before they’re put out for collection; 
  • clean the handles of the bins / containers before placing them out for collection;
  • don’t forget to wash your hands before you put out your bin and recycling containers, and again as soon as you bring them back in. 

We would also remind people not to place disposable face masks and gloves in recycling containers.  If outdoors please dispose of them safely in a general litter bin or alternatively take them home with you where they should be placed in your black bin waste.  

Together we can all help to keep each other safe.