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Car parking improvements at Talacre

Published: 14/01/2016

Proposed measures to improve car parking for visitors to Talacre and its beach are set out in a report to Flintshire County Councils Cabinet on 19 January. The beach at Talacre draws visitors from a wide area and is extensively used by local people. It is also a popular and iconic location for photography and filming. Working with land owners ENI Liverpool Bay Operating Company Limited and Natural Resource Wales, the Council, having also secured external funding, has developed a plan to tackle the parking problems and expand the number of spaces in the area. A 150 space overspill car park in the village, available for a period of ten years came into operation earlier this year. It is also proposed that more spaces will become available when the Lighthouse car park is leased from its owners and managed by the Council ( 60 spaces), discussions with the Talacre Community Centre to use the land at the rear of the building for parking (70 spaces) are ongoing. NRW and ENI have agreed that the Council can manage the hard standing area at the entrance to the beach car park to maximise its availability (35 spaces) with some small scale maintenance work to be undertaken on the beach car park to maximise availability for visitor use, although it is subject to closure due to flooding and will reduce in size over time as the natural habitat regenerates( 100 spaces) Councillor Bernie Attridge, Cabinet member for Environment said: Talacre makes an important contribution to Flintshires tourism economy but limited parking has been a pressing issue for locals and visitors alike. The majority of visitors use the beach car park throughout the year but this is subject to flooding and when this coincides with peak visitor numbers, parking demand massively outstrips supply. Visitors park in every available space in the village, causing considerable inconvenience to local people with traffic choking the narrow roads. Visitors face long queues to enter the village, with insufficient parking when they get there and then have to wait over an hour to leave again. Our proposals will considerably improve things with the potential of increasing parking spaces to 415 before the summer of 2016 if the agreements with the local organisations can be made. If this can be achieved a Traffic Regulation Order will also be put in place to regulate on-street parking, reducing congestion on busy days, and alleviating problems for residents.