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Face coverings to be mandatory on school transport in Flintshire

Published: 08/10/2020

Flintshire County Council has announced that all secondary school aged pupils travelling on dedicated school coaches will be required to wear a face covering from Monday, 12 October.  This decision has been taken to further protect those travelling and to help prevent the spread of Covid-19. This decision has been taken as part of the response to Flintshire now being a health protection zone with tighter restrictions in place to support public safety.

Given the escalation of transmission, it is important to have as many health protection controls in place as possible and this brings Flintshire in line with other counties in a similar position.

With the spread of coronavirus increasing in Flintshire and surrounding counties, the mandatory wearing of face coverings by children and young people aged 11 and over on dedicated school transport is now required in the same way it is on public transport.

Some children and young people will be exempt from wearing a face covering and these exemptions still apply as for public transport. 

Children under the age of 11 do not have to wear a face covering, however they may choose to wear one but need to be able to handle it safely as directed. 

Flintshire County Council’s Chief Officer for Education and Youth, Claire Homard, said:

"Protecting Flintshire’s children and young people is a priority. We want to be able to keep them in education and by introducing mandatory face coverings on all school transport, we are helping to do that. 

“We feel that taking this decision now is an important additional measure to help keep children and everyone they come into contact safe from Covid-19. We would ask that, as parents and carers, you explain to your children why this is so important during this time and ensure they have their masks with them when travelling and attending school.    

“We really do understand the difficulties that everyone of us is facing right now, and your cooperation is greatly appreciated – thank you!”