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Closure of parks and play areas

Published: 23/03/2020

Flintshire County Council, along with other local and national governments, is becoming increasingly concerned at the public health risks from the public not practising social distancing in open spaces.

Welsh Government has asked that all councils across Wales review local open space management to help combat the pandemic.

For this reason, Flintshire, along with many other Councils across Wales, has taken the decision – in the interests of public health – to close the enclosed children’s play areas and country parks for which it is responsible from Monday 23 March until further notice.

The Council has requested other organisations who manage similar open spaces – such as Town and Community Councils - to do the same.

All such play areas and country parks in Flintshire will be closed and secured from Monday 23 March – with signage erected – until further notice.

Flintshire County Council is appealing for your co-operation. Please do not attempt to enter these spaces.

We are following the advice of the national Governments in taking these regrettable actions and would not act in this way if it were not for the serious risk to life.


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