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Annual Improvement Report

Published: 10/07/2019

The Council’s Cabinet is consider the Auditor General for Wales’ (AGfW) Annual Improvement Report (AIR) at its meeting on Tuesday, 16 July.

The AIR summarises the audit and regulatory work undertaken at the Council by the Wales Audit Office since the last report was published in November 2018. This year’s focus was on improvement assessment work; an assurance and risk assessment project and work in relation to the Well-being of Future Generations Act. Overall the AGfW has reached a positive conclusion that; “the Council is meeting its statutory requirements in relation to continuous improvement but, as with all councils in Wales, it faces challenges going forward.”

No formal recommendations have been made during the year with which the council must comply.  

Councillor Ian Roberts, Leader of the Council said:

“I welcome this very positive and informative report from the AGfW which clearly shows the Council is operating effectively in what are widely accepted as challenging times for local government.

“That said, all proposals for improvement from regulatory reports (both local and national) are always fully considered to establish if further improvements need to be undertaken.”

Colin Everett, Chief Executive said;

“The AGfW report represents a clean bill of health for this Council, clearly acknowledging our proven track record of managing finances effectively and reflecting our concerted, ongoing efforts and commitment to using our resources as efficiently as possible.”

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