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Closed circuit TV monitoring

Published: 14/06/2019

Flintshire County Council’s Cabinet supported the merging of the Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) monitoring function with Wrexham.

The CCTV system is monitored from a secure monitoring suite in Phase 3 of County Hall, Mold.   There has been very little capital investment in the CCTV control room.  As Phase 3 is due to be demolished in the near future, the suite would need to be moved in any event, staying put is not an option.

A number of options has been considered, but the most favourable and cost effective option is to relocate the service to Wrexham.  This would provide a joint CCTV service managed by Wrexham.

Wrexham’s facility in Redwither Tower is modern with ample room for additional partners; there is a space for a screen wall, already used by Flintshire CCTV and desk provision is already in place.  The option to merge services will provide the necessary resilience for both partners and assist both partners to manage costs more effectively.

Flintshire County Council’s Cabinet Member for Corporate Management and Assets, Councillor Billy Mullin, said:

“Although provision of a CCTV service is not statutory, it does offer substantial and positive community benefit and reassurance.

“CCTV is seen in many communities as a significant contributor in the fight against crime.  However, to run a facility and maintain it is expensive and economies of scale need to be reflected in any future service model. The joint provision of CCTV services through Wrexham is seen as positive in evidencing joint working, cost sharing and securing a sustainable service.”

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