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School Organisation: Lixwm Community Primary School

Published: 14/05/2019

The governors of Lixwm Community Primary (CP) School have been investigating sustainable solutions to maintain their school in its local community with other schools, the Diocesan Authority and the Council.

This work has culminated in an agreement between the governors of Lixwm CP, and the governors of Ysgol Y Esgob Voluntary Aided (VA) School in Caerwys to seek to form a federation between the two schools. However, the Federation of Maintained Schools (Wales) Regulations 2014 does not allow schools with a faith or trust base such as those that are voluntary aided or voluntary controlled to federate with community schools.

The proposed change of designation of Lixwm CP school to a VA school would result in the school being eligible for consideration of funding through the Diocesan Authorities Capital Repairs and Maintenance Programme. In addition, external grants are specifically available to the VA sector through the Welsh Government VA grants programme. 

To allow the federation option to be explored further the Council and its partners will need to consult on a proposed change to the designation of Lixwm school from a CP to a VA primary school under the School Standards and Organisation (Wales) Act 2018

Cllr. Ian Roberts, Leader of the Council and Cabinet Member for Education and Youth said:

“The consultation process to change the designation of Lixwm CP requires the Council to be “the proposer” for purposes of a formal consultation following which Cabinet would be required to determine whether to implement the proposal or not.

“The governors of Lixwm CP have investigated options to maintain their school in the community with other schools, the Diocesan Authority and officers from the Council. This has resulted in an agreement between the governors of Ysgol Esgob VA school and Lixwm CP to consult formally with their communities on a proposed Federation arrangement between the two schools. In terms of any subsequent federation proposals these would be considered and determined by the Governing bodies themselves.”

The Council’s Cabinet approved a formal consultation on the change of designation of Lixwm CP at the meeting on Tuesday, 14 May.


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