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Review of Sheltered Housing 

Published: 14/03/2019

Flintshire County Council’s Cabinet has reviewed a report on a Sheltered Housing Review.

They approved eligibility criteria for all mini-groups and sheltered schemes to age 55 so as to bring them in line with our Housing Association and Local Authority SARTH Partners.

Flintshire County Council’s Cabinet Member for Housing, Councillor Bernie Attridge, said:

“The report looks at the scope of reviewing our sheltered housing schemes and considers the best use of the current housing stock to meet current and future local housing need.  It sets out analysis that has been done to date but also stipulates that further work is needed before any decisions are made.

“The Council wants to reassure residents that nothing will happen to any scheme and no final decisions will be made without working with tenants of any sheltered housing scheme and that this report forms part of the on-going process of consideration.”

The review will be done in two stages:

Stage 1 – a scheme by scheme review to ascertain:

  • property types and current use;
  • void rates - developing a detailed understanding of the reasons for turnover;
  • a series of options for individual schemes with the aim of reducing void rates and ensuring best use of stock;
  • recommendations for Cabinet to adopt on a scheme by scheme basis. 

Stage 2 - assessment of best use of the stock:

  • review of properties should identify the best use of the stock including whether they should be general needs or consider if they could be used to assist with delayed transfer from care / hospital;
  • consider whether it would be efficient to invest capital expenditure to make them fit for purpose for the future, for example:
    • installation of stair lifts might be a cost effective solution to avoid the need for tenants in upper flats to move to a more accessible property;
    • technology and training to enable internet shopping and other local deliveries, may be useful in supporting those who live in rural areas;
  • consider whether bedsit accommodation can best meet changing housing demand and expectations, including the reduced demand from older people for this type of accommodation, and an increasing demand for single person accommodation.

The Council has a number of sheltered housing properties which are empty at any time and some schemes have very small waiting lists. If you are over 55 and have any housing issues, the Council urges you to get in touch with our Housing Solutions team on 01352 703777 or email or call in at any of our Flintshire Connects Centres where the team can advise on various housing options.

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