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Demonstration Day for herbicide free options for weed control

Published: 06/11/2023

The chemical herbicide ‘Glyphosate’ has documented negative environmental impacts and some countries have already taken steps to ban the use of Glyphosate. 

Flintshire County Council is taking action to reduce the use of herbicide across our estate and has already invested in the non-chemical ‘Foamstream system’ which uses heat and plant starch to kill weeds. Flintshire are now looking at additional alternative products and measures to control weeds in the council.

As part of our drive to reduce herbicide use, Flintshire County Council are hosting a demonstration day to highlight weed control options which can provide an alternative to Glyphosate. 

Flintshire demonstration day will be open to anyone who uses weed control and will allow suppliers to exhibit chemical free equipment and methods for weed control where attendees can ask questions and see alternative weed control methods in action. 

If you are involved in weed control and are keen to explore alternative to herbicide application and are interested in finding out more about our demonstration day or expressing an interest in attending contact us at

Cabinet member for Climate Change and Economy, Councillor David Healey, said: "Glyphosate is a non-selective herbicide which kills all plants it has contact with, it also travels into our watercourses and impacts on our native wildlife. Its important that we take steps to move away from this method of weed control where there are available alternatives."  


Photograph of Flintshire County Council Streetscene staff using Foamstream system in urban area being prepared for wildflower seeding.