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The Ruthin Castle Pub, Mold: Licence review

Published: 24/10/2023

The Ruthin Castle Pub in Mold has been subject to a review of their Premises Licence, resulting in their hours being reduced, live music being removed from their permissions, and more robust conditions added to their licence.

These conditions include those designed to reduce the impact of any noise generated by the premises to those living in the vicinity, and to assist in reducing antisocial behaviour.

The review procedure is designed to be a last resort where there has been evidence that a premises has been undermining licensing objectives.

Licence holders within Flintshire have a track record of working well with the Authority’s Licensing Team and partners, and will work alongside us and members of the community to rectify any issues identified at the premises.

The review application is only the third such application of its kind within Flintshire since the Act was introduced in 2003 and implemented in 2005.

In respect of the Ruthin Castle Pub, many attempts had been made by Licensing, Pollution Control Officers and North Wales Police to work with the premises management prior to this action being taken as a last resort. The holder of the premises licence, EI Group, acknowledged that a stepped approach was attempted between the months of April 2023 and August 2023 with little improvement, and accepted that their tenant had failed to promote the licensing objectives and have committed to keep the premises closed until a suitable tenant is found.                                                                                                                                             

The Licensing Sub Committee were clear that given the undertakings of the EI Group to more closely supervise the pub in future, as well as the value the community places on the existence of the premises, they did not conclude that revocation of the licence was appropriate or proportionate.

Andrew Farrow, Chief Officer for Planning, Environment & Economy said: “We know how hard hospitality was hit by the pandemic, and the Council fully understand the importance of premises such as this in local communities for vital socialisation and wellbeing. The last thing we want as a licensing authority is to be removing permissions.”

Councillor Chris Bithell, Cabinet Member for Planning, Public Health and Public Protection said: “The review procedure is the last resort when other options have been exhausted. It is there to protect our communities and this is a good example of how the Council has worked in partnership to get the right result for everyone involved.”