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Proposals to improve accessibility on Flintshire’s coast path

Published: 12/07/2023

Following a review of access control measures in place on a section of the Wales Coast Path between Chester and Queensferry, Cabinet members will be asked to support the recommendations for improved accessibility when they meet on Tuesday 18 July.

Several recommendations have been put forward to improve accessibility on 14 access points along the coast path. 


Cabinet Member for Climate Change and Economy, Councillor David Healey, said:


“We have effective access control barriers in place to protect users of the coast path against the risks posed by illegal vehicle access.  However, we recognise these control barriers present access issues to some users of mobility scooters and unconventional cycles.


We have listened to the concerns raised by people who rely on mobility aids, including those using aids larger than the standard classes of mobility scooters.  We need to carefully balance the recommendations against any impact of such amendments on illegal vehicle accessibility.


Improving access for all legitimate users of the coast path necessitates the widening of existing openings at access points, which in turn reduces the effectiveness of the access control measure in preventing illegal access.  Consequently, it will not be possible for access for all legitimate users to be improved entirely whilst still retaining the same level of access control to prevent use for vehicles such as cars and motorcycles.”


Cabinet members will be asked to consider two recommendations including an upgrade to the existing A-frames providing improved accessibility by legitimate users holding a radar key and replacing existing chicane with staggered gates.