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Preparing Flintshire Roads for Welsh Government’s national 20mph speed limit

Published: 10/07/2023

All councils across Wales, including Flintshire County Council, are currently working to ensure local roads are ready to meet this change in legislation.

Here in Flintshire we are: 

Using criteria set by Welsh Government, to assess existing restricted roads in Flintshire.   

  • Whilst most restricted roads in Flintshire will change to 20mph, the Council, working closely with local county councillors, has identified some roads which have the potential to remain at 30mph after the national legislative change in September.  

  • To apply an ‘exception’ to a restricted road, we the Council must have a clear and reasoned case for doing so, which demonstrates that strong evidence exists that retaining a higher speed limit would be safe.  Not all existing 30mph roads will meet this test, although it is likely that stretches along some roads will.   Here in Flintshire 15 stretches of road across the County have currently been identified as possible exceptions and can be viewed online at

  • Where exceptions are identified they will be formally advertised as part of a statutory consultation process.  Proposed exceptions for the roads assessed to date will be formally advertised during early August giving people the opportunity to comment on each road proposed to be retained at 30mph.  These exceptions will be publicised in the local press, on Flintshire County Council’s Website and site notices posted at the locations of the proposals.    

  • After the introduction of the 20mph roll-out in September, local communities will be able to put forward further suggestions for consideration via the Council’s website.  How residents can do this will be communicated widely nearer the time. 

Beginning to remove road markings and making preparations for new signs.  

  • Welsh Government’s legislation requires some road markings to be removed.  Over the coming weeks residents will see workmen out and about across the County undertaking this work.  This will include the removal of 20mph road markings which were introduced as part of the Phase 1 Settlement Scheme in Buckley and surrounding areas.   The removal of these road markings, either 20mph or 30mph, does not mean that speed restrictions have been removed in those areas, just that the County is getting ready for the Wales wide introduction of 20mph in September.  

Increasing lengths of street lighting columns.   

  • Under the new legislation a continuous stretch of street lighting columns will be an indicator that you are in a 20mph area, unless signed otherwise.  Where needed the Council has been working to extend lengths of street lighting columns so that they cover the full stretch of restricted road.

More information, including Frequently Asked Questions, about the Council’s responsibility for ensuring local roads are ready for Welsh Government’s new legislation on 17 September can be found at 

Residents who are unable to access the online information referred to above can visit one of the Council’s Connect Centres between 9am and 4.30pm on the days listed below:

  • Buckley – Tuesday or Thursday
  • Connah’s Quay, Flint or Holywell - Monday to Friday
  • Mold – Monday, Wednesday or Friday