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Flintshire County Council hit by rising energy costs

Published: 09/06/2023

With the rise in energy costs, Members of the Communities and Housing Overview and Scrutiny Committee will be asked to consider proposed heating charges in Council properties with communal heating systems when it meets on 14 June 2023.


Flintshire County Council operate eight communal heating schemes and over recent years residents living in communal complexes have benefited from lower energy costs based on an industrial and commercial contract rate held by the Council. 


The Council has renewed its industrial and commercial contract and the new tariff for gas has increased in line with national market rates.  Consequently, the Council is facing a significant increase in gas charges with unavoidable cost increases for residents living in communal complexes.


Vicky Clark, Chief Officer for Housing and Communities said:


“We understand the impact the rising cost of energy has on everyone in our community.  We have protected residents living in communal complexes from substantial price increases over the last five years but due to circumstances beyond our control, they will now face an increase in charges to reflect the increased global energy costs.  We will continue to work with residents during this transition and help them to access support or funding that may be available to them.”


Speaking about the rise in energy costs, Councillor Sean Bibby, Cabinet Member for Housing and Regeneration, said:


“The significant increase in gas charges mean residents living in communal complexes will unfortunately see an increase in their heating charges this year. This increase is regrettable but unavoidable as the Council must recharge costs in line with our tariff increases.”


Subject to approval, the proposed heating charges will take effect from 31 July 2023.