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New Chair and Vice Chair announced

Published: 12/05/2023

Chair Cllr Healey and Vice Chair Cllr Hutchinson.jpgOn Thursday, 4 May, Councillor Gladys Healey was appointed as Chair of Flintshire County Council.  

Councillor Healey represents the Hope electoral division and has been a member of the Council since May 2017.  Her husband of 40 years, Councillor David Healey who represents the Caergwle electoral division, will be her consort.

Councillor Healey said:

“I am very proud to be elected as Chair of Flintshire County Council for the coming year.   It is a great honour to represent such an incredible county.   I will undertake my duties as Chair to the best of my ability and I will represent Flintshire with pride.”

Councillor Healey has lived in Hope for 37 years and is a Governor of Castell Alun High School and Ysgol Estyn.  

Councillor Dennis Hutchinson has been appointed as Vice Chair of Flintshire County Council.

Councillor Hutchinson represents the Buckley Pentrobin electoral division and is one of only four County Councillors originally elected to the county council in 1995.  His wife of 55 years, Jeanne, will be his consort.  

Councillor Hutchinson has lived in Flintshire all his life including in Sychdyn and Buckley and he is Governor of Drury School and Elfed High School.

Councillor Hutchinson said:

“I am honoured to be elected as Vice Chair of Flintshire County Council.  I congratulate Councillor Healey on her election as Chair and I am committed to supporting her throughout the coming year.”