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Growing a better tomorrow: Our tree planting initiative

Published: 25/04/2023

Sealand manor.jpegIn 2018, Flintshire County Council launched their first Urban Tree and Woodland Plan. This plan set out a strategic vision for the planting of trees across the County particularly focussing on urban areas. The plan also set a goal of achieving an urban canopy cover of 18% by 2033. 

To support delivery of the urban tree and woodland plan, Flintshire County Council has successfully obtained grant funding from Welsh Government through the Local Places for Nature fund to create greener connections through the County, with the vision of improving green spaces for people and nature. 

Urban canopy cover in Flintshire is currently the seventh lowest in Wales, covering 14.5%. Trees are emblematic of the natural world because of the critical role they play in mitigating climate change, habitat creation and increasing biodiversity. From a human perspective, trees have a positive effect on our mental and physical health, particularly in urban areas.

To achieve the target of 18% canopy cover by 2033, Flintshire County Council have spent the past year working with local councils, communities and schools to identify and agree a number of urban sites for tree planting. Throughout the tree planting season, we have carried out substantial new tree planting in conjunction with maintaining our existing canopy cover by providing replacement planting where tree removal is necessary. Flintshire County Council are also committed to the development of a Flintshire Forest.

Pupils from schools across the county also gave staff a helping hand to plant over 2500 whips creating over 500m of new hedgerows during planting events. 

If your town or community is interested in tree planting, then please contact us to discuss it further Sites will be prioritised by potential level of benefit to the community and nature. 

Head teacher at Sandycroft CP school, Andy Liptrot said: “At Sandycroft CP School we are delighted to be part of the biodiversity project supported by Flintshire County Council. The hedgerow we have had planted in school will help develop our school environment and habitat.  It forms part of our school commitment to developing our school grounds by encouraging wildflowers, plants, insects and animals in our school grounds. Thank you to Flintshire County Council for supporting our school”.

Lead Member for Environment Cllr David Healy said: “I am pleased to see great progress being made to achieve the targets set out in the Urban Tree and Woodland Plan. The work that’s been undertaken is of huge importance, delivering multiple benefits for both nature and our communities. I would like to thank all the volunteers involved”.

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