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Homelessness and Rough Sleepers in Flintshire

Published: 17/04/2023

As part of its commitment to the “no one left out” approach to homelessness, members of the Community and Housing Overview and Scrutiny Committee will be asked to continue to support the work being undertaken by its Housing and Prevention Service to mitigate homelessness and support rough sleepers when it meets this week.


Homelessness is a statutory service that is under significant pressure following the Coronavirus pandemic and the challenges associated with the cost-of-living crisis.  The local private sector housing market is seeing significant challenges with fewer properties available each year and many landlords leaving the market. This creates homelessness as properties are sold, residents asked to leave and the availability of fewer properties resulting in them being increasingly unaffordable.


Commenting on the progress of work within the Housing and Prevention Service in Flintshire, the Cabinet Member for Housing and Regeneration, Councillor Sean Bibby said:


Changes to the Housing (Wales) Act 2014 and specifically the introduction of an additional category of Priority Need for rough sleeping and those at risk of sleeping rough, means more people and particularly single people, will be owed accommodation duties which places significantly increased demands and cost on the Housing and Prevention Service.


Whilst this is challenging, opportunities to engage with people who historically would not have received support are now leading to positive wellbeing or housing outcomes.  Much good work was done to support people who experienced homelessness in recent years as we have exited the Coronavirus pandemic and it’s important that we build on that momentum.


There are many good examples of interventions accessed by local people to prevent homelessness including rent arrears repayment planning, budgeting support, repairs and property maintenance support and support for family’s around managing relationships with young people”.


Members of the Community and Housing Overview and Scrutiny Committee will consider the positive work being undertaken to help people sustain their housing to avoid the need to access emergency and temporary housing through prevention activities when it meets on Wednesday, 19 April 2023.