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Years 1 and 2 pupils to receive Universal Primary Free School Meals

Published: 20/03/2023

Universal Primary Free School Meals (UPFSM) has been on offer to all reception pupils across all 64 primary schools in Flintshire since September 2022 and from 17th April 2023 this offer will be extended to include all years one and two pupils.

Following Welsh Government’s commitment for a phased introduction of UPFSM to all primary pupils by 2024, nearly 70% of all reception aged children attending school in Flintshire have taken up the offer of a free school meal. 

Councillor Ian Roberts, Leader of the Council said:

“The recent roll out of UPFSM to reception pupils across the county has been extremely successful, highlighting just how much families are valuing this additional support during the current cost of living crisis.  Extending it now to include pupils in years one and two, will provide families with additional support at a time when they most need it.

“Pupils in years 3 and 4 will receive the offer in September this year (2023) and Flintshire are well on track to meeting Welsh Government’s target of all primary aged pupils by September 2024.”

Parents do not need to apply for their child to receive UPFSM.  Pupils in qualifying year groups will automatically receive their free school meal unless they opt out.

Whilst families on lower incomes or in receipt of certain benefits may be entitled to support for other school essentials, receiving UPFSM does not automatically qualify them to receive it.  To benefit from this additional support parents/carers should apply.  Applications can be made at

Families on lower incomes or in receipt of certain benefits, whose children are in year 3 and above, or in secondary school, can still apply for a free school meal and help with other school essentials.  For more information go to: