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Food Waste Action Week 2023 

Published: 07/03/2023

FWAW_Sam_1-1_static_Eng.pngWe’re proud to announce that from 6 to 12 March, we will be supporting Love Food Hate Waste’s Food Waste Action Week campaign. 

This year’s rallying cry is Win. Don’t Bin and is a week of action which brings the nation together to save time and money by making the food we already have go further. 

In the year to March 2022, we recycled almost 4,700 tonnes of food waste in Flintshire, with even more than this ending up in the black bin! This is not sustainable as wasting food has many negative impacts on the environment and our pockets!

Flintshire’s Cabinet Member for Streetscene and Transportation, Councillor Dave Hughes, said:

“It’s great that we are recycling food waste but we know that there is still a lot of food waste being placed in the black bin. Around one quarter of the waste put in the black bin is food which could still be eaten or be sent for recycling.

“Given the environmental impact that growing, manufacturing, transporting and disposing of food can have on the environment, we need take action and there is no better time to start taking action than right now.”

To help with planning and managing the amount of food we buy and eat the ‘Love Food, Hate Waste, Win. Don’t Bin’ campaign has provided advice on simple steps we could all use to minimise the amount of food we waste. More information can be found on their website to get you started!  

If you do end up with excess food, please consider donating it to a local food bank or community fridge so that others in the community can make use of it. Please note only unused/unopened food can be donated to these facilities.