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Dates announced for town centre public consultation events

Published: 27/01/2023

Flintshire County Council is set to hold a series of public consultation sessions where local people are being encouraged to help shape the future of three town centres: Buckley, Holywell and Shotton.

The consultation activity planned is part of a process to develop seven ‘Place Making Plans’ for town centres in the next two years, with the first of these starting this month.

This work is being led by Flintshire County Council is in response to the Welsh Government’s request that all local authorities across Wales establish Place Making Plans for their towns. These plans are needed to ensure Welsh Government investment can be made available to support town centre regeneration projects in the future.

Place Making Plans will set out a future vision for each town, outline actions that would help improve the overall vibrancy and attractiveness of the place and meet the needs of people who live, work and visit the towns. The development of the plans for each town creates opportunities for a range of stakeholders to work more collaboratively to deliver improvements. 

Local people who live or work in or near to Buckley, Holywell and Shotton will have the opportunity to participate in an online survey about their town centres from 26 January to 12 February 2023. 

For more information visit:

In response to the opportunity for local people to shape the plans for their towns, Flintshire’s Cabinet Member for Climate Change and Economy, Councillor David Healey, said:

“As with a lot of towns across the country, Flintshire’s high streets have changed considerably over recent years due to changes in shopping habits and the global pandemic. It is now opportune to review how our town centres can be revitalised, and identify how local people, and our local economy can benefit from positive change and investment in the future.” 

Following the online survey, a series of face-to-face drop-in sessions will be held in each town. These sessions will be held on:

Shotton Coast Road 7 small.jpgSHOTTON:

Tuesday 28 February 2023, 2pm – 4pm at the Elmwood Community Centre, Elmwood Close, Shotton, CH5 1SE.

Thursday 2 March 2023, 6pm – 8pm at the Rivertown URC Church, Chester Road West, Shotton, CH5 1BX.

Saturday 4 March 2023, 10am – 12pm at the Rivertown URC Church, Chester Road West, Shotton, CH5 1BX.



Buckley Former Factory Shop 2.jpgBUCKLEY:

Tuesday 7 March 2023, 2pm – 4pm at the Refurbs Café, 9 Brunswick Road, Buckley, CH7 2ED

Thursday 9 March 2023, 6pm – 8pm at the Community Centre, Jubilee Court, Buckley, CH7 2DL

Saturday 11 March 2023, 10am – 12pm at the Refurbs Café, 9 Brunswick Road, Buckley, CH7 2ED




Holywell Town Centre 14 small.jpgHOLYWELL:

Tuesday 14 March 2023, 2pm – 4pm at Flintshire Connects, Town Hall, High Street, Holywell, 

Thursday 16 March 2023, 6pm – 8pm Holy Trinity Church, 34-44 Trinity Road, Greenfield, CH8 7JY.

Saturday 18 March 2023, 10am – 12pm at the Holway Community Centre, Moor Lane, Holywell, CH8 7DW.