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Construction Aggregates Review

A Regional Technical Statement (RTS) is required to be produced at 5-yearly intervals for both the North Wales and South Wales Regional Aggregate Working Parties. This is a requirement of Minerals Technical Advice Note 1 (MTAN 1). The RTS provides recommendations which guide the future levels of provision for construction aggregates required from each Local Planning Authority in Wales.

The original Statements were published in 2008 and were first reviewed in 2014. Consultation drafts of the Second Review documents are now available for inspection. 

Neil Hemington, Chief Planner, Welsh Government, has written to local planning authorities to draw their attention to the RTS consultation and the events which will take place during the consultation window.

Each RTS comprises the main document together with a corresponding Regional Appendix, which provides additional detail. These have been produced, on behalf of each RAWP, by Cuesta Consulting Limited, under contract to the Welsh Government. Each RAWP has been closely involved with their preparation, however, through the provision and detailed checking of technical information, and the documents are now ready for wider scrutiny. 

The consultation drafts can be downloaded as pdf documents HERE

The consultation period runs for eight weeks, from 30th September to 25th November inclusive.

Within that period there will be two consultation events, one at Bridgend in South Wales on Monday 11th November, and one at Llandudno Junction in North Wales on Friday 15th November. Up to 40 places are available at each event. The events are free to attend and anyone is welcome.

There is a deadline for applications however (Friday 1st November) and places will be allocated on a first-come-first-served basis.

Further details of each event, including details of how to book a place, are given on the following PDF Documents

Your input to this process is strongly encouraged, whether you are a mineral operator, a planning officer, a more general stakeholder, an elected Member of a Local Planning Authority or an interested member of the public.

If you would like to take part in the consultation, whether or not you manage to get to one of the consultation events, you can do so by downloading and completing the following Survey Form.

As explained in the instructions on page 1 of the form, you can complete all, or any part of the form, depending on your particular areas of interest or concern. When you have finished, please return your response by email to the consultant:, by no later than 25th November 2019.