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Community Asset Transfer (CAT)

This guide is for individuals or groups who want to lease buildings or land from the County Council for community benefit. This is known as Community Asset Transfer (CAT) and is defined more fully as follows:

“the leasehold transfer of a Flintshire County Council asset to an organisation with a social purpose and who plan to use the asset for the benefit to the local community”.

The guide explains the Councils policy on Community Asset Transfer, how interested individuals or groups can apply, how applications will be processed and how support can be accessed.

Much of this guide is intended to encourage communities to come forward with ideas and then develop these ideas into more detailed plans.  Please note the first stage in this process is a very simple expression of interest.  This is intended to encourage anyone with a good idea to come forward.  Based on this expression of interest, support and information will be provided to help develop this idea.  Without your ideas it is impossible for organisations who may be in a position to offer support packages and provide the relevant information that may assist the further growth and development of your idea.

The Council has buildings and land that are used for a variety of community and public purposes.   Through the transfer of assets to community management, Flintshire County Council aims to:

  • Increase the range and number of publicly owned assets managed by the community, providing an increasing asset base for local communities to shape services and which meet their needs, and;
  • Generate new sources of income to sustain local community services and maintain local assets.

The Council is committed to working with community groups and local people to ensure that asset transfer to the local communities of Flintshire is successful and sustainable in the long-term.

Further details are available from Flintshire Local Voluntary Council (FLVC). You can contact FLVC by telephone on 01352 744000 or by email at

You can now apply online using the following link:   Expression of Interest Form

Privacy Notice

Your data will be processed by Flintshire County Council only for the specific purposes of;

  • To process your property building / land application
  • Property Transactions e.g. Lease/Licence/Acquisition/Disposal/Easement /Wayleave

Your data will be processed by Flintshire County Council as part of our public task under the UK wide piece of legislation the Localism Act 2011 and covered by Welsh government Guidance.

Flintshire County Council will retain your information for 15 years if your application is successful and 5 years if your application is unsuccessful.

Flintshire County Council will share your data with Flintshire Local Voluntary Council (FLVC) who will contact you to assist with developing a business case to support your application.  Your data will also be shared with any relevant agencies in order to gain funding.

The information is shared as is necessary for the purpose of administering the applications, and will be shared with internal departments (e.g.  Streetscene, Legal, planning) and other external bodies (e.g professional advisors such as CVCs, Funders, Legal organisations, Charity Commission, Cwmpas, Energy surveyors) to assess and complete transfer of land or property. The data is also shared with the nominated Councillors and/or community panellists who assess the suitability of the applications, the personal information is not shared or sold to third parties for marketing purposes. 
If you feel that Flintshire County Council have mishandled your personal data at any time you can make a complaint to the Information Commissioners Office by visiting their website or by calling their helpline on 0303 123 1113.

For further information about how Flintshire County Council processes personal data and your rights please see our privacy notice on our website -

Flintshire County Council may seek verification of any of the information supplied.  If any of this information is found to be false, misleading or missing, this may result in the Authority deciding not to proceed further.