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Mold Assets

Community Centre

P/CC/0025 Mold: Daniel Owen Centre (Community Centre)

Miscellaneous - Operational

      P/MLP/C/0001 Mold: Hallfields Bus Station Kiosk

Public Conveniences

P/PC/0008 Mold: Public Conveniences (New Street)

P/PC/0014 Mold: Public Conveniences @ Hallfields Bus Station

Youth Centres

P/YC/0015 Mold: Glanrafon Centre (Youth Centre)

Bowling Greens/Clubs

P/BGC/0055 Mold: Bowling Green at Maes Bodlonfa Recreation Ground

Play Areas

P/PA/0013 Mold: Park Avenue Play Area

P/PA/0014 Mold: Play Area at Maes Bodlonfa Recreation Ground

P/PA/0090 Mold: Ffordd Pentre Play Area

P/PA/0091 Mold: Bailey Hill Play Area

P/PA/0092 Mold: Maes Y Dre Play Area

P/PA/0093 Mold: Lon Cae Del/Chestnut Road Play Area

P/PA/0094 Mold: Gas Lane Play Area

P/PA/0095 Mold: Chapel Street Play Area

P/PA/0096 Mold: Hawathorn Avenue Play Area

P/PA/0097 Mold: Parc Alun Play Area

P/PA/0150 Mold:Play Area @ Isa Coed,Off Charles St

P/PA/0154 Mold: Play Area Bryn Hilyn Lane

Playing Fields

P/PF/0032 Mold: Victoria Road / Tyddyn Street Playing Field

P/PF/0037 Mold: Park Avenue Playing Fields

P/PF/0038 Mold: Gas Lane Playing Fields

P/PF/0041 Mold: Playing Field at Maes Bodlonfa Recreation Ground

P/PF/0124 Mold: Playing Field / Land At Maes-Y-Dre

Parks and Open Space

P/PG/0005 Mold: Maes Bodlonfa Park / Ornamental Gardens

Sports Grounds/Clubs

P/SGC/0011 Mold: Tennis Courts x2 at Maes Bodlonfa Recreation Ground

Changing Room / Pavilion

P/CHR/0022 Mold:Pavilion/Changing Room at Maes Bodlonfa Recreation Ground

* Please note that any assets highlighted in BOLD are subject to a lease and therefore only available to the existing tenant at this time.