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Holywell Assets

Community Centre

P/CC/0019 Holway: Youth & Community Centre

P/CC/0007 Greenfield: Community Centre ( & Youth Centre)

Chapel of Rest

P/CEM/A/0011 Holywell: Cemetery - Chapel of Rest


P/CEM/B/0010 Holywell: Cemetery

P/CEM/B/0001 Greenfield: Cemetery Land and buildings

Public Conveniences

P/PC/0006 Holywell: Public Conveniences (Somerfield Car Pk)

P/PC/0007 Holywell: Public Conveniences (Tower Gardens) CLOSED

Bowling Greens/Clubs

P/BGC/0043 Holywell: Fron Park Bowling Club

P/BGC/0011 Greenfield: Bowling Club

Play Areas

P/PA/0004 Holway: Moor Lane Play Area

P/PA/0047 Holywell: Play Area at Holywell Leisure Centre Site (Fron Park)

P/PA/0083 Holywell: The Ridgeway Pistyll Play Area

P/PA/0084 Holywell: Bryn Mawr Play Area

P/PA/0085 Holywell: Strand Walk Play Area

P/PA/0115 Holywell: Nant y Coed Play Area

P/PA/0116 Holywell: Penrhyn Play Area

P/PA/0117 Holywell: Pen-y-Maes Gardens Play Area

P/PA/0146 Holywell: Children's Play Area, off Maes Yr Odyn

P/PA/0068 Greenfield: Englefield Road Play Area

P/PA/0069 Greenfield: Clwyd Avenue Play Area

P/PA/0070 Greenfield: Play Area off Groesffordd

P/PA/0139 Greenfield: Play Ground, Greenfield Valley Heritage Park

Playing Fields

P/PF/0022 Holywell: Pen Y Maes Playing Field

P/PF/0035 Holway: Moor Lane Playing Fields

P/SGC/0002 Holywell: Tennis Courts @ Leisure Centre

Parks and Open Space

P/PG/0003 Holywell: Park/Gardens Plot A @ Holywell Leisure Centre Site (Fron Park)

Sports Grounds/Clubs

P/SGC/0006 Holywell: Town Football Ground & Premises

Memorial Gardens

P/MG/0002 Holywell: Memorial Gardens/ Gatepier Railings Panton Place at Fron Park

* Please note that any assets highlighted in BOLD are subject to a lease and therefore only available to the existing tenant at this time.