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Connahs Quay Assets


P/CEM/B/0015 Connahs Quay: Bryn Road Cemetery


P/ALL/0014 Connah`s Quay: Land At Allotment Gardens - Plot 1

P/ALL/0016 Connahs Quay: Linden Avenue Allotments

Bowling Greens/Clubs

P/BGC/0001 Connah`s Quay: Festival Gardens Bowling Club

P/PA/0039 Connahs Quay: Primrose Street Play Area

P/PA/0040 Connahs Quay: Dee View Road Play Area

P/PA/0041 Connahs Quay: Fron Road Play Area

P/PA/0042 Connahs Quay: Normanby Drive Play Area

P/PA/0043 Connahs Quay: York Road Play Area

P/PA/0045 Connahs Quay: Play Area off Viking Way

P/PA/0048 Connahs Quay: Play Area Hillside Avenue

P/PA/0049 Connahs Quay: Play Area at Chapel Street Recreation Ground

P/PA/0050 Connahs Quay: Play Area at Wepre Park

P/PA/0151 Connah`s Quay: Play Area,The Oaks

P/PA/0155 Connahs Quay: Play Area off Rhodfa Eurgain

P/PA/0156 Connahs Quay: Play Area (land) off Hillsdown Drive

Playing Fields

P/PF/0003 Connahs Quay: Dock Road - Football Pitch & Changing Rooms

P/PF/0048 Connahs Quay: Playing Field A - Football Pitch at Chapel Street Recreation Ground

P/PF/0049 Connahs Quay: Playing Field B - Football Pitch at Chapel St Recreation Ground

P/PF/0051 Connahs Quay: Playing Fields at Wepre Park

Parks and Open Space

P/PG/0006 Connahs Quay: Land around St Marks Church

Recreational Ground/ Land

P/RCL/0005 Connahs Quay: Recreational Land at Wepre Park

P/RCL/0009 Connahs Quay: Recreation Land at Fron Road

Changing Room / Pavilion

P/CHR/0024 Connahs Quay: Changing Rooms/Pavilion at Wepre Park

* Please note that any assets highlighted in BOLD are subject to a lease and therefore only available to the existing tenant at this time.