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Climate Change Newsletter Edition 7

What is Net Zero Carbon?

Net Zero Carbon means greenhouse gas emissions are reduced as much as possible, and where they cannot be reduced any further are balanced by removing the equivalent amount of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

Mynydd Isa School – Net Zero Carbon in operation.

Myndd Isa School is currently under construction, which will be for the ages of 3-16 years old. The plans are for the school to be net zero carbon in operation, which means that all energy on site consumed will be generated through renewable energy such as roof mounted solar PV. The building is being designed to achieve BREEAM Excellent Standards, which evaluates procurement; design; construction and operation against targets that are based on performance benchmarks.

Ysgol Mynydd Isa

The BREEAM Standards focuses on sustainable value across many categories including:

  • Energy.
  • Land use/ecology.
  • Water.
  • Health/wellbeing.
  • Pollution.
  • Transport.
  • Materials.
  • Waste.

Did you know?

Single Use Plastic Ban

Did you know that the Welsh Government are banning the sale or supply of single use plastics, which will come into effect on the 30 October 2023.

This is a key step in reducing plastic waste which is harmful for the planet, items such as:

  • Single use drinking straws
  • Single-use balloon sticks
  • Single-use cutlery
  • Single-use drinks stirrers
  • Polystyrene cups.
  • Polystyrene takeaway boxes

This is the first phase in managing single-use plastics, the second phase will come into effect before the end of the Senedd term.

Wales are currently ranked the world’s third best domestic recycler, with this new law demonstrating how the Welsh Government are continuing to tackle the climate and nature emergency.

Single use plastic ban

Link between Climate Change and Water

Although rain falls freely from the sky, only 0.5% of the water on Earth is useable and available as freshwater, with climate change affecting that supply due to:

  • Flooding & rising sea levels contaminating land and water resources.
  • The melting of glaciers, ice caps & snowfields affects the regulation of freshwater as they feed into many of the great river systems.
  • Growing demand for water increases the need for energy-intensive water productions such as pumping, transportation & treatment.

The average person uses 176 litres of water a day - that’s almost 310 pints! Welsh Water supplies 828 million litres of water every day to over three million people in more than 1.4 million homes and businesses across Wales, Herefordshire and parts of Deeside.

Ways you can save water in the home

Welsh Water has shared ways you can save water around the home, which could also help you to save money on your water bills.

Some top tips include:

  • Wait for a full load of washing before doing your laundry.
  • Only fill the kettle up with the water you require.
  • Reduce your shower time to under 10 minutes.
  • When brushing your teeth turn off the tap.

Support with your Water Bills

As the cost of living crisis continues, Welsh Water has a number of ways they may be able to help you and make your bills more affordable. Their financial support is designed to help customers and raise awareness of the range of available options.

Coming up!

COP28 – 30 Nov – 12 Dec

What is COP?

Conference Of Parties (COP) is an international climate meeting held by the United Nations each year made up of Parties who signed the international treaty (U.N. Framework Convention on Climate Change). These parties have committed to take voluntary actions to prevent the worsening effects of man-made climate change. Each year a different country hosts the summit, government representatives report on progress; set intermediate goals; share technological advances which have potential for global benefits; and make agreements to share scientific advances.

Wales Climate Week – 4 - 8 Dec

What is Wales Climate Week?

Wales Climate Week was established in 2019, coinciding with COP and builds upon the discussions to help to encourage national and regional conversations on climate change. It is also a part of Welsh Government’s engagement approach 2022-2026.

The week was established to bring together organisations; individuals; public and private sectors; to join in discussion to share learnings, solutions, and new ideas for tackling climate change.

Wales Climate Week

Climate Week 2023.

This year’s climate week is from the 4 – 8 Dec, with a provisional theme of ‘how do we tackle climate change in a fair way?’ Welsh Government are holding virtual conferences, fringe events programme and providing a calendar of other events being hosted by organisations across Wales.

Flintshire County Council will be getting involved in climate week so stay up to date on FCC corporate twitter to find out more.

Small Grants for Nature

We have an exciting opportunity for communities within Flintshire County to apply for a small grant to help save nature!

This is a great way to bring your community together and learn more about what you can do to protect wildlife in your local area!

The deadline for applications is Thursday 30 November 2023 at 12:00pm

If you are interested or have any questions, please get in touch with Flintshire’s Biodiversity team at