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Climate Change Newsletter Edition 1

Welcome to the Climate Change E-Newsletter.

Welcome to the Climate Change e-news! Here you will find updated information on the projects we are working on to meet our target of being Net Zero Carbon by 2030. We have a climate change homepage on the Council website which has information on the carbon emissions the Council contributes and how we are planning to reduce our emissions. You can also learn how to calculate your own carbon emissions and actions you can take to reduce them.

Political Support on Climate Change.

The formation of Cabinet following the May local elections saw the creation of a new Cabinet Member position in Cllr David Healey as ‘Cabinet Member for Climate Change & Economy’. We have also formed a formal cross-party Climate Change Committee chaired by Cllr Alasdair Ibbotson. These changes from Cabinet demonstrate the commitment and importance given to both the Council’s Net Zero Carbon ambition and the wider effects of climate change on Flintshire County.

Wepre Park Hydro power scheme.

What is hydro power?

Hydro power, or hydroelectric as it is also known, uses the natural flow of water to generate electricity. It does this by water travelling from a high position down to a lower position to gain force. Turbines/generators are then used to convert the motion into energy, which can be used to power buildings.

Why at Wepre Park?

The hydro power scheme is a trial installation to try to make use of the dam wall ‘Wepre Brook’. This was previously utilised for hydroelectric power during the early 1900’s to supply power to the nearby Wepre Hall building, as electricity didn’t reach the Connah’s Quay area until 1925.

This trial hydropower scheme is in collaboration with University College of London to see how much power can be generated for the Visitors Centre.

An ecologist has assessed the site and confirmed that the temporary structure will not have any impact on the local wildlife. This is important to the council as Wepre Park is rich in biodiversity.

Wepre Brook

What is the future plan?

The plan of the trial is to reduce the grid electricity demand at the Visitor Centre by around 36%. If the hydro power scheme is able to generate a viable amount of electricity the hope is that a more permanent structure can be installed and connected to Wepre’s Visitor Centre to reduce its use of grid electricity. This will reduce costs allowing money to be repurposed into Wepre Park and help us to reduce the Council’s carbon emissions as part of our Net Zero Carbon by 2030 ambition. This is an exciting project where Flintshire are the pioneers of the technology used and any permanent designs will incorporate and reflect the surrounding environment.

Did you know?

Did you know that washing and drying a load of laundry every two days creates around 440kg of CO2 each year. This is equivalent to a return flight from London to Glasgow.

We have recently launched a Cost of Living Support Hub providing information on support available from employment, schools, transport and reducing energy bills. If you know of any family member, friend or relative who is not online, it would be great if you could share this information with them and, if you are unable to assist them yourself, let them know that they can pop along to any of our Connects Centres where our friendly staff will be able to help them find out more.

Wales Climate Week.

This year, Wales Climate Week runs from the 21st- 25th November – why not celebrate with us?

Welsh government have lots of virtual information and discussions taking place about climate choices and the important contribution that Welsh residents can make in helping to tackle climate change. You can register to join the talks here.

We are teaming up with our Domestic Energy Efficiency Team to offer drop-in sessions where you can find out more about saving energy costs and calculating your carbon footprint.

As part of the ‘My Tree, Our Forest’ initiative we have hubs in Wepre Park and Greenfield Valley Heritage Park where you can collect your free tree.

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