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Climate change is a behavioural change programme. Behavioural change is a large part of climate action and the success of both the Council’s and the wider nation’s climate ambitions hangs on all of our actions. Communication and engagement is key for ensuring the ambitions set out in this strategy are embedded within the Council’s culture and ethos. 

Climate Change behaviours

Supporting Council services to adapt to the impacts of climate change and decline in nature

We will:

  • Ensure climate change and biodiversity is considered a priority in decision making across all Council services
  • Ensure Councillors and employees complete carbon literacy / introduction to climate change / biodiversity training. Inclusion of climate change within induction process.
  • Engage employees and Trade Unions to renew job descriptions to include climate change responsibilities
  • Facilitate transition towards a ‘paperless Council’ through, for example, digitisation of wage slips, report packs, contracts, applications, etc.
  • Facilitate corporate volunteering for climate and biodiversity action.