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Welsh Government's Exceptions Criteria

Welsh Governments Exceptions Criteria

GOV Wales - Setting exceptions to the 20mph default speed limit for restricted roads 

  • Most exceptions are expected to be made on main routes carrying traffic through urban areas, where there is little pedestrian/cyclist activity.
  • Exceptions should not normally be made on roads that typically carry mostly local traffic and serve only residential properties and where people walk and cycle.
  • Decisions on exceptions should not be influenced by existing traffic speeds and are made by the local Highway Authority, who know their roads best.

Roads that could be considered to remain at 30mph

These are purely illustrative examples to demonstrate how evidence-based local decisions could be made:

  • Local facilities: Local facilities such as community centres or medical facilities may be located on the road in question, but people may access them on foot and cycle via a different route entirely.
  • Residential and retail premises may be on one side of the road, but if there is open land on the other side of the road, it could mean there is little need for pedestrians and cyclists to cross the road.
  • Restricted roads through industrial areas