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Flintshire Leisure Tour

Flintshire is a beautiful Welsh border County with a countryside and coast enriched by a fascinating past.

There is so much to discover that we’ve devised a special car trail to help you. The Flintshire Leisure Tour transports you to delightful country villages, traditional market towns, medieval castles and some of the most stunning scenery in North Wales.

So whether you’re a visitor to the ‘Gateway to Wales’ or simply want to get to know your own County better, Flintshire gives you the ‘drive to explore’.

The Flintshire Leisure Tour is about 83 miles long and divided into nine sections. A booklet has been produced which contains maps and descriptions of the key places of interest on route. Download a copy of the brochure (7 MB).

The route is well signposted from start to finish. Each signpost is numbered and the brochure text included references to particular signs to help you find your way.

Do take time to stop and explore off the route. Some detours are suggested in the text but you’ll find no shortage of other places that demand a closer look.