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Flintshire Destination Management Plan

A key element of the approach to regeneration and tourism in Flintshire is focussed on creating high quality places: places where people want to visit, to spend their leisure time and to work. High quality places attract investment, they are sustainable and they generate their own energy and success.

For visitors, both from outside the area and from within, the focus is on managing the key destinations so that every piece of the jigsaw that represents their experience in Flintshire is a positive one. From their accommodation, to the welcome on the High Street, to the cleanliness of the public conveniences – all of these contribute to the overall experience and determine whether they will return and what messages they will give to their friends at home.

Further, raising the quality of the destination raises its competitiveness. In an age of ever-increasing expectations, destination management is essential to competing in a crowded marketplace. With 4.7 million people living within a 60 minute drive time, the ideal catchment for day visitors, Flintshire has a huge and relatively untapped market close to hand.

The tourism sector is currently estimated to support 3,273 direct jobs in Flintshire. It is estimated to generate £259m annually from 3.7m staying visitors and 2.7m day visitors.

Flintshire Destination Management Strategic Plan 2020