List of artworks on public display

List of artworks on public display in the possession of Flintshire County Council, correct as to April 2020

N.B. Images and further information on certain items can be found on the Public Catalogue Foundation website. Where this is the case a link has been included. Items on display in buildings are available during the opening hours of those buildings. Items on Countryside Services sites are available at all times with the exception of the fencing at the Kathleen & May Heritage Centre, which is accessible only when the Heritage Centre is open.


Countryside Services Sites

At Countryside Services sites across the county, there are numerous artworks including the following:- Sculptures by Mike Owens:
1. The Netsman, Connah’s Quay;
2. Big Flintshire Guardian (BFG), Flint Point;
3. Fisherwoman bench, Flint
4. World War I Tommy bench, Flint
5. Bettisfield Bob, coal miner at Bettisfield Colliery site
6. Cockle, Greenfield Dock;
7. The Lookout, Greenfield Dock;
8. Pit pony at Point of Ayr Colliery site

-Flint Poster Art; 
- “Functional art” fencing at Kathleen & May Heritage Centre and Point of Ayr Colliery site; 
- Community link waymarkers
- Four beacons down the coast:
1. Fish Shoal at Greenfield Dock;
2. Dragon sculpture at Bettisfield;
3. Simple Basket at Flint Point;
4. RNLI Beacon east of Flint Castle.
- Two beacons for World War I centenary
- one permanent on Dock Road, Connahs Quay; one mobile;
- Dug-out canoe and six carved beams on Flint Foreshore west of Flint Dock.
- Kathleen & May boat sculpture, Connah’s Quay
- Lighthouse and gateway features Talacre- Snake and newt earth sculptures, Wepre Park.
- Gateway Stone on the end of the Wales Coastal Path carved with the WCP sign in Pennant Sandstone.

County Hall, Mold

• Portrait of Cllr J. Herbert Lewis, first Chairman of Flintshire County Council. Located in Civic Lounge. 
• Portrait of Alderman Thomas Waterhouse. Located in Civic Lounge. Value unknown.
• Amateur portrait of Cllr Irene Fellows. Located in Alyn & Deeside meeting room.
• Pottery, wall-mounted map of Flintshire, 1960s. Located in Reception area.
• Large-scale photographs of local landmarks. Located in Council Chamber.

Theatr Clwyd

1. Copy print of photograph by Angus McBean. Copied from original Angus McBean print which is stored at NEWA not on public display (ref. CC/TC/1/6/1). 

Register Office, Llwynegrin Hall

• “Marriage by Registrar” unsigned, framed print. Located in Ceremony Room. 
• “Health of the Bride” by W Dindy Sadler, framed print. Located in Ceremony Room. 
• “Signing the Register” by Edmund B Leighton, framed print. Located in Ceremony Room. 
• “The Wedding” unsigned, framed print. Located in Superintendent Registrar’s room. 
• “Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip” - framed print. Not on general display but used for citizenship ceremonies. 


In line with most museum services, approx. 10% of Flintshire’s collection is on display at any one time. The composition of that 10% changes regularly. 

North East Wales Archives (The Old Rectory, Hawarden)

• Portrait of Daniel Owen. Located in search-room.
• Portrait of Rev. John Davies, oil on canvas. Located in search-room. Unknown artist. 
• Portrait of John Lloyd (1620-1663), c.1650. Oil on canvas. Located in foyer. Unknown artist.
• Portrait of Rev. John Wickstead (1660-1742), c.1720. Oil on canvas. Located in foyer. Unknown artist.
• Bust on plinth, of John Roberts, MP. White marble bust on red mottled marble plinth by W. Davies, 1883. Located in foyer. 
• Cartoon of opening of the Rouen-Dieppe Railway, built by W. Buddicom of Penbedw, Nannerch. Mid-19th century. Located in foyer.