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The #shoplocalflintshire initiative encourages people to look toward their local high street, town centres and small businesses for their shopping and service needs.

At the heart of every shopping area, whether large or small, are the small businesses and independents. Your ongoing support of them is contributing to keeping our wonderful businesses thriving.

#shoplocalflintshire is a about highlighting the variety of service-focused and local services and shops which are available across Flintshire.

By using the hashtag to share your positive experiences, local businesses and areas will be championed and supported.

What is more #shoplocalflintshire provides a range of marketing resources, support and a platform for businesses to promote themselves; their products and services to the wider communities.

You can get involved by using the hashtag #shoplocalflintshire and in doing so you will be participating in supporting local business and the environment and economy.

You can use #shoplocalflintshire to post an image you’ve taken of your shop window or products, or to promote your town. Something simple can have a huge impact.