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Activities and Events Grant

Town Centre Activities and Events Grant (TCAEG)

The Town Centre Activities and Events Grant (TCAEG) has been established to support the prosperity of the town centres by organising events and activities that bring more people to the town centre. We acknowledge that town centre businesses have, and continue to, face an economically challenging time so by boosting activity in the town centre will benefit the businesses with increased footfall.

This project along with another 8 projects forms a package of interventions known collectively as the ‘Town Centre Investment Programme – Flintshire’. This programme is targeted at 7 town centres across Flintshire (Buckley, Connahs Quay, Flint, Holywell, Mold, Queensferry and Shotton), which has been made possible with funding secured from the UK Government’s ‘Shared Prosperity Fund’. A key aim of the overall programme is to support the vibrancy and diversification of town centres across the county and contribute to an improved town centre offer and an increase in footfall.

The UK Shared Prosperity Fund (UKSPF or the Fund) is a central pillar of the UK government’s ambitious Levelling Up agenda and a significant component of its support for places across the UK. It provides £2.6 billion of new funding for local investment by March 2025, with all areas of the UK receiving an allocation from the Fund via a funding formula rather than a competition. It will help places right across the country deliver enhanced outcomes and recognises that even the most affluent parts of the UK contain pockets of deprivation and need support.


What is the Town Centre Activities and Events Grant (TCAEG)?

This Grant is a scheme which aims to encourage activity and events in the Town Centre and increase footfall and prosperity to the town. The grant is available to community groups, town councils, organisations, businesses and individuals. The events or activities must be completed by no later than 15 November 2024. There is a limited amount of funding so we encourage you to apply early as we anticipate significant amount of interest in this grant and funding will be awarded on a first come first served basis (subject to panel outcomes).

The main purpose of the fund is to try and make a difference to our town centres making them more appealing to the public to visit and work; encouraging people to spend their time and money there. The Council will, therefore, support events and activities within the main commercial centre (generally the high street - or similar - and locations immediately adjacent).

What types of events/activities are eligible?

The proposed activity and events could be creative and range from large events to small activities. Some ideas for events/activities are:

  • Town Centre Gardening Group
  • Street Party (to celebrate local heritage for example)Community Training Events (First Aid for example)
  • Fun run / Marathon
  • Themed Day
  • Tea Club (Weekly/monthly tea Club)
  • Music festival
  • Local produce festival
  • Treasure Hunts
  • Food Festival
  • Monthly/regional Mega-Markets
  • Business Showcasing event
  • Business Ambassador scheme
  • Tourist in your town events
  • Community Arts Festival

Does my event need to be a new event?

All applications should be for new events however you may apply for grant funding for enhancements to existing scheduled events/activities. For example, annual events that would like to enhance their event could be awarded grant funding but this would only be for enhancements and not the pre-existing event itself.

How do I apply?

The first stage is to contact the Regeneration Team by email on to discuss your application. The Regeneration Team will ensure that you are fully informed and supported throughout the process. The Regeneration Team can provide an application form and event guidance – these are also available on the Council’s website here:

What should I include with the application form to support my application?

The grant application form should be completed in line with the guidance produced to assist applicants and should include full details and costings for the event/activity. Applicants may need to provide all, or some, of the following dependent on the project:

  • Relevant statutory consents and licences (such as traffic regulation orders) where applicable
  • Insurance Documentation
  • Financial information is required for due diligence purposes so that there is confidence that public money is being invested properly
  • Information on business planning to support the proposed venture
  • Quotations from suppliers for the event/activity

Are there any particular conditions relating to this grant?

Yes, you will need to have the relevant permissions approved or pending before any applications can progress such as public liability insurance and traffic regulation orders.

All applicants will need to provide evidence of expenditure along with evidence of what has been achieved as a result of the grant funding awarded (i.e. evidence of outputs and outcomes achieved in line with details outlined in the Town Centre Activities and Events Grant guidance document)

How is my application assessed?

All applications received will be presented to the Flintshire Regeneration Panel for a consideration and a decision. The deadline for submission of applications to be considered by the panel at one of its monthly meetings is outlined below. In addition, the dates of the panel and the date by which the outcome of the application will be communicated to the applicant is noted.

Key dates
Monthly deadline for submission of applications (to be received by 5pm).Panel Meeting – to consider applications on:Decision to be communicated to applicant by:
Monday 9 October 2023 Tuesday 17 October 2023 Tuesday 24 October 2023
Monday 6 November 2023 Tuesday 14 November 2023 Tuesday 21 November 2023
Monday 4 December 2023 Tuesday 12 December 2023 Tuesday 19 December 2023
Monday 8 January 2024 Wednesday 17 January 2024 Wednesday 24 January 2024
12 February 2024 Tuesday 20 February 2024 27 February 2024
11 March 2024 Tuesday 19 March 2024 26 March 2024
8 April 2024 Tuesday 16 April 2024 23 April 2024
6 May 2024 Tuesday 14 May 2024 21 May 2024
10 June 2024 Tuesday 18 June 2024 25 June 2024
8 July 2024 Tuesday 16 July 2024 23 July 2024
12 August 2024 Tuesday 20 August 2024 27 August 2024
9 September 2024 Tuesday 17 September 2024 24 September 2024

Please note not all panel meetings will be held if the grant funding available is fully allocated to projects sooner than the meeting dates. Applications are therefore encouraged for the earlier panel dates, as the funding is limited and expected to be in high demand.

Applications are assessed on the basis of its positive benefit to the local area, but the level of grant (subject to state aid rules) may be limited by the size and nature of the project, viability gap or the company’s financial contribution.

Grant funding would be awarded for a minimum of £500 up to a maximum of £10,000 which is a maximum of 80% of the total project cost with the remaining to be funded by the organisation/group/individual applying.

Applications for TCAEG funding will be fully assessed with recommendations presented by a member of the Regeneration Team. Intervention rates can be determined by each individual local authority based on local market conditions up to a maximum of 80% grant support.

Decisions made will be:

  • Approval
  • Approval subject to conditions
  • Reject - Full justification will be provided to any applicant whose application is rejected.

When would I need to have the event or activity?

As part of the terms and conditions of the grant, the event must be held no later than the 15th November 2024.

Will I need to provide updates in relation to the Event/activity?

It is your responsibility to monitor the work and ensure that the event goes ahead. You will need to provide the evidence that the event took place to the regeneration team. For example, ticket sales, photos of event etc. This evidence must be provided as soon after the event as possible.

How do I claim the grant money?

Flintshire County Council will take a tailored approach to stage payments of funds to the applicant. Once the event has taken place final invoices can be submitted for the grant claim. The Regeneration Team will work with you to arrange payment in a timely manner.

Can I deliver my event/activity prior to the outcome of the grants assessment panel considering my grant application?

Please note that the funding will need to be approved before the event/activity can take place. Costs incurred prior to the date of the grant application being assessed by the Council’s Regeneration Panel will not be able to be funded.

If my application is successful and then the event cannot be held, what happens?

All grant money is claimed in arrears so if your event does not take place and Flintshire County Council has paid anything out pre-event such as deposits, marketing etc then you would be liable to repay full costs.