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Social enterprise

Social enterprises operate in the same way as a commercial business, competing in the market place and generating profits through trading activities.  The profits generated by a commercial business are distributed among owners or stakeholders, however, the profits generated by social enterprises are used to address social issues.  A social enterprise will have a clear sense of its “social purpose”, what difference it is trying to make, who it aims to help, and how it plans to do it. 

The Social Enterprise Test: 
In order to qualify as a social enterprise, a business must:
•           Have a clear social and/or environmental objectives
•           Generate the majority of their income through trade 
•           Reinvest the majority of their profits back into their social objectives 
•           Be independent of the state
•           Be managed in order to achieve their social mission 
•           Be accountable and transparent

Flintshire County Council is firmly committed to the need for a strong, vibrant local economy and recognises the contribution Social Enterprises make within the community. 

We are keen to support Social Enterprises and provide a comprehensive range of business support including:-
• Business Planning
• Financial forecasting
• Identifying, developing and adopting appropriate governance structures
• Business registration
• Preparing for investment
• Tendering support
• 1 to 1 and team mentoring
• Business diagnostics
• Awards applications

Social Enterprise Development Lead Officer, Mike Dodd 07799 037683 

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