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Waste & recycling FAQs

Disposal of waste - Corona virus:

Please do not put tissues or wipes/cloths in the recycling.  The advice for disposal of this waste is as follows:

  • Personal waste (such as used tissues) and disposable cleaning cloths should be placed securely within disposable rubbish bags
  • These bags should be placed into another second bag, tied securely and kept separate from other waste
  • This should be put aside for at least 72 hours before being put in your usual external household waste (black) bin.   

Where should I place my bins for collection?

Place your bin out by 7am on the morning of your collection at the kerbside.  All wheeled bins/containers/bags must be placed within one metre of the curtilage or boundary of your property (i.e. where your property meets the footway/road).  They must be accessible to the crews without the need to open gates etc.  Where this is not possible the containers should be placed on the footway/verge outside the property, at a point causing minimal obstruction to the highway users.

The collection point for householders with long private drives will be the point where their drive meets the adopted highway (footway/road).

Where appropriate collection vehicles will travel along un-adopted roads allowing residents to present their waste containers at the same point on their property as though the road were adopted.  This does not mean that the Council will maintain the road and should the road be deemed unsuitable for the vehicles involved or if the owner of the road refuses to allow the vehicle to use the road, the residents will be required to bring their containers to the nearest adopted highway.

Do you take side waste?

Excess side waste will not be collected e.g. additional black sacks.  Collection crews will only collect refuse that is presented at the kerbside in a closed wheelie bin.  Additional bags or items that are placed next to the wheelie bin or wheelie bins that are overflowing and the lid cannot close will not be collected.

See: Side Waste Enforcement  

You can request a larger black bin for your refuse if there are 6 or more permanent occupants (an assessment is required).

What will happen if I place side waste out for collection?

The Council will be monitoring collections and advising residents how they can recycle more, and reduce the amount of waste put out for disposal.  As a last resort where residents regularly put out too much and have not taken advice on recycling, then the Council may take enforcement action.

See: Side Waste Enforcement

Why are you being strict over side waste?

Most of what is thrown out from the house can be put out for your weekly recycling collections.  In Flintshire we have made some great progress.  Together we achieved the Welsh Governments target to recycle 68%.

However, we have data on the contents in the wheeled bins and there is, on average, still a large amount of recyclable materials being thrown out as waste.  We need to get this recyclable material out of the wheeled bin, and into your weekly recycling collections.  To help encourage this, the Council has introduced a limit on the amount of waste that can be put out for collection.

See: Side Waste Enforcement

How can I reduce my waste in my bin?

The Council will be monitoring collections and advising residents how they can recycle more, and reduce the amount of waste put out for disposal. You could also try:

  • Re-using certain items, such as glass jars, bottles and biscuit tins
  • Home composting
  • Repairing items
  • Minimising waste by specifying goods with less packaging
  • Use our weekly kerbside recycling scheme
  • Using a Household Waste Recycling Centre

Please visit for some tips on how to reduce your waste.

Do you offer any help for a household with a large family? 

If you feel that the size of your bin is not adequate for your family’s needs, you may be eligible for a larger bin.  The standard size black refuse bin is 180 litres, although larger families (6 or more in the household) can apply for the larger 240 litre bin, providing they are recycling all they can. 

Please contact Streetscene to apply.

I am moving to a property in Flintshire how do I order new bins/containers?

In order to request new / replacement bins / containers the resident must be registered for council tax at the property and living at the property.  This avoids the bins getting taken if the property is empty.  Once you have registered use the form below to request bins / containers.

Tell the Council Tax Team if you are moving home or need to register for Council tax in Flintshire.
Request new or replacement bins and containers.
Find your local tip and see what you can recycle/dispose of there.
See a list of the containers and materials we will collect at the kerbside.

I live in a flat / hard to reach property – are there different collection arrangements?

Where required, separate arrangements will be made for a specific collection point for flats, properties with narrow access or hard to reach properties.  The householder will be advised of these by our Recycling team.  This may mean keeping a black bag service for non recyclable rubbish rather than providing a wheeled bin. However some locations, where specific collection points have been identified by us will be provided with communal wheeled bin(s) free of charge for the purpose of storing waste materials ready for collection.

Will you collect clinical waste?

We provide a free collection of clinical waste from your home and a suitable container and bags for storing and collection of the waste.

We can collect dressings, bandages, incontinence pads, stoma bags, catheters and sharps. These items must not be placed in your black wheeled bin. A collection point, day of collection, frequency of collection and any other specific requirements regarding this service will be arranged with you.

Please note: for safety reasons, needles must be secured in a standard yellow sharps container before placing out for collection. These are supplied free of charge by your doctors surgery, clinic or hospital. If you require further assistance please contact Streetscene.

Email us at or call the Streetscene helpline on 01352 701234.

How do I dispose of hazardous waste or asbestos?

Asbestos waste from domestic properties can be disposed of by taking it to Buckley Household Waste and Recycling Park.  We do not provide an Asbestos disposal service.  For advice on handling asbestos visit 

Small quantities of potentially hazardous household products can be taken to certain Household waste and recycling parks.  This includes those used in cleaning (solvents), gardening, DIY (thinners, paint), car maintenance (engine oil) and fluorescent tubes and light bulbs (which contain mercury).

List of waste accepted at Household Recycling Centres 

Find a Household Recycling Centre

Brown Bin Collections

As many residents don't use the garden waste collection service during the winter months, brown bin waste will not be collected during the months of January and February.

Where does your recycling go?

My Recycling Wales allows you to browse Welsh local authorities and see what happens to your waste across the UK, and even around the world. Learn More Here

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