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Diversity and Equality

Flintshire County Council is committed to promoting equality and eliminating discrimination. The Council's Diversity and Equality policy sets out how we will eliminate discrimination, advance equality of opportunity and foster good relations between communities. We have also developed a Strategic Equality Plan 2016-2020 to meet the public sector equality duties, this plan includes our equality objectives and the actions we will take to achieve them.

We are proud members of the Stonewall Diversity Champion’s Programme.  Stonewall's Diversity Champions programme is a good practice forum in which employers can work with Stonewall, and each other, to promote lesbian, gay, bisexual and Trans* equality in the workplace.

By joining Diversity Champions we hope we will send a strong signal to our LGBT employees and community about our commitment to equality.

Or any of their yearly annual reports contact:

Fiona Mocko on 01352 702122 or Steph Aldridge on 01352  702131.


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