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For information: Sandbags

Provision of SandbagsIn the event of severe weather and where there is a genuine risk of flooding, the Council will endeavour to provide filled sandbags to properties upon request; however, there is a limit to both the availability and the ability to distribute sandbags, particularly when wide-scale flooding is being experienced. 

The primary response will be to flooding incidents originating from the highway and non-main river sources. 

The decision to deploy sandbags shall be taken at the discretion of responding Council officers and prioritised according to severity, risk, location and available resources.  Where possible, the Council will give priority to elderly and vulnerable residents, and to known flooding black spots where there is the potential for several properties of being flooded.  

Subject to availability, the Council will deploy sandbags at locations where there is an imminent risk to life or property.  

Members of the public will not be permitted to collect sandbags directly from Council depots.

Where properties have been flooded, residents are advised to contact their buildings and contents insurance company as soon as possible.  In rented properties, residents should contact their landlord and contents insurance company as soon as possible.

If residents are concerned about potential flooding and flooding is imminent:

• if they have a flood plan, they should follow the actions listed below• tune into the local radio station on a battery or wind-up radio• switch off electricity/gas supplies• move vehicles if it is safe to do so• move furniture, pets and important items to safety

Residents can also contact Floodline for information about flooding:
• Telephone: 0345 988 1188 (24 hour service):

Information is also available on the Natural Resources Wales’ website: