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Adopted Supplementary Planning Guidance Notes

Supplementary Planning Guidance Notes Consultation

The Council have produced a new Draft Supplementary Planning Guidance Note on ‘Great Crested Newts Mitigation Requirements’ to support the Flintshire Unitary Development Plan and have updated the ‘Developer Guidance Note’.

SPG Note 8A Great Crested Newts Mitigation Requirements

This is an additional note to SPG Note 8 Nature Conservation and Development and gives more detailed advice specifically on the mitigation requirements associated with developments affecting great crested newts. Consultation will ensure that the Note can be adopted as formal SPG. SPG 8a - Great Crested Newt Mitigation Requirements


Developer Guidance Note

This gives advice to speculative developers on planning applications because at present the Council is unable to demonstrate a 5 year housing land supply as required by Welsh Government in TAN1.  This has resulted in a number of planning applications and enquiries for speculative development on sites outside settlement boundaries as defined in the adopted UDP.  The Council drafted and made available on the website an updated Developer Guidance Note which was approved by Cabinet on 13/12/16 but this has not been consulted on. The purpose of the Note is to give guidance to potential applicants on providing comprehensive evidence to demonstrate that the proposed development is sustainable and is both viable and deliverable in order that it will make a genuine and early contribution to housing land supply and construction on the ground. This consultation exercise is being carried out in order to attach extra weight to the Guidance Note as a material consideration in determining planning applications. 

Comments on either of the notes are now welcomed and are available for public consultation from Friday July 7th 2017 for a period of 6 weeks until Friday August 18th 2017. Any comments received will be considered and any proposed changes will be reported to Planning Strategy Group and the amended SPG notes will then be reported to Cabinet in order for them to be approved.  

Please email your comments to developmentplans@flintshire.gov.uk or write to Andy Roberts, Planning Strategy Manager, Planning Policy, Environment, County Hall Mold, CH7 6NF before 5pm on Friday 18th August 2017.

The Council have reviewed and updated the majority of the existing Local and Supplementary Planning Guidance Notes to support the continued use of the adopted Flintshire Unitary Development Plan (UDP). The guidance notes have been updated, have been subject to public consultation for 8 weeks (from Dec 18th 2015 to Feb 12th 2016 and from 10th June to 22nd July 2016 for the SPG No 23) and changes have been approved by Members through the Planning Strategy Group.  This process has followed the Welsh Government guidelines and the new Supplementary Planning Guidance Notes have now been formally adopted by Council Cabinet on 17.01.17. 

All development proposals will take account of Adopted Supplementary Planning Guidance where relevant, which includes detailed guidance concerning individual sites, development issues, and particular types of development and will be a material consideration in determining planning applications. In terms of material considerations, greater weight can be attached to a guidance note if it has been formally adopted as Supplementary Planning Guidance.

Although the expiry date of the UDP is December 31st 2015, the UDP is still to be used as the most up to date adopted plan for development management purposes and it will be an important material consideration in any planning decisions until superseded by the adopted Local Development Plan.  The Adopted Supplementary Planning Guidance notes are as follows:-

The Adopted Supplementary Planning Guidance notes are as follows:-

SPGN No1. Extensions and Alterations to Dwellings

SPGN No 2. Space Around Dwellings 

SPGN No 3. Landscaping  

SPGN No 4. Trees and Development   

SPGN No 5. Conversion of Rural Buildings

SPGN No 6.  Listed Buildings 

SPGN No 7. Conservation Areas

SPGN No 8. Nature Conservation and Development 

SPGN No 9. Affordable Housing 

SPGN No 10. New Housing in the Open Countryside

SPGN No 11. Parking Standards 

SPGN No 12. Access For All

SPGN No 18. Telecommunications 

SPGN No 20. Energy Conservation and Renewable Energy for Householders and Small Businesses 

SPGN No 21.Environmental Impact Assessments

SPGN No 23. Developer Contributions to Education 

SPGN No 24. Retention of Local Facilities 

SPGN No 25. Development Brief for the Housing at the Compound Site, West of Broughton Retail Park   

SPGN No 26.  Development Brief for the Housing at Land off Ffordd Eldon, Sychdyn 

AN No 27. One Planet Development (this is an informal, Advice Note, rather than a Supplementary Planning Guidance Note as there is no policy in the UDP which refers to One Planet Development)

SPGN No 28. Archaeology 

SPGN No 29. Management of Surface Water for New Development  

SPGN No 30. Public Art

SPG Clwydian Range and Dee Valley Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) – This is a working version of the adopted SPG pending publication of a final document.

Local Planning Guidance Notes

There are also 5 informal Local Planning Guidance Notes which have been approved for development management purposes and are material considerations but which carry less weight than the Supplementary Planning Guidance Notes. These Local Planning Guidance Notes will be reviewed, updated and be the subject of public consultation and Council resolution in order for them to be adopted as formal Supplementary Planning Guidance.

SPGN No 19.  Sustainable Drainage Systems - Under review

PGN No 13. Open Space Requirements - Original

SPGN No 13. Open Space Requirements (renamed - Outdoor Playing Space and New Development) Revised Draft - Under Review

16. Advertisements - Under review.

31. Areas of Search for New Waste Management Facilities - Under Review 

The following are guidance notes which the council will be considering in the future:-

14. Waste Disposal and Management

15. Shop Fronts. 

17. Minerals Extractions. 

22. Planning Obligations.

Houses in Multiple Occupation.

Great Crested Newt Mitigation Requirements.