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Disrepair of privately rented property

Flintshire County Council believes that everyone has the right to live in a home, which is in good repair, has ready access to all necessary amenities, is safe and is free from physical hazards of all types. The Environment and Resources Division works to ensure that all Private Sector tenants whose conditions fail to meet those standards outlined above are assisted so that their accommodation can reach this level.

How is this done?

The Council's Environmental Control team is authorised to enforce legislation under the various Housing Acts. This enables us to require works to a property which, following inspection, is determined to be ‘unfit for human habitation'.

What is the fitness standard?

To determine unfitness an Officer of the team will visit by appointment and judge the conditions against those laid down in the Fitness Standard. This standard states that the property should be:

  • structurally stable
  • free from serious disrepair
  • free from dampness prejudicial to the health of the occupants

and possess the following:

  • adequate provision for heating, lighting and ventilation
  • adequate piped water supply
  • adequate facilities for the preparation and cooking of food
  • a suitably located WC
  • a suitably located fixed bath or shower and wash hand basin each with a supply of hot and cold water
  • an effective system for the drainage of foul, waste and surface water

What should I do if I feel my accommodation is not up to the standard?

The first point of contact should always be the owner/landlord of the property to discuss your concerns and ask that any defects be put right. Remember they may not even know that work is required to the property. The owner/landlord should then be given a reasonable time period to carry out the repairs. This time period is very much dependant on the type of repairs required.

My landlord has refused to carry out any work to the property. What can I do?

If the owner of the property has refused to carry out repairs or has agreed to repairs, but fails to start them at the agreed time you can contact the Environment and Resources Division. An Environmental Health Officer will then carry out an inspection and take up your case with the landlord.

Is my landlord required to carry out these repairs?

If the property fails to meet the Fitness Standard and the landlord is not making satisfactory progress with the repairs, a Statutory Notice will be served. This legal document requires the person to carry out the requested repairs within a strict time limit, dependent on the extent of the work. If the landlord does not comply with the Notice the Council has the option of prosecution.

I would like an Environmental Health Officer to inspect my accommodation. How do I arrange this?

Contact the Division using the details below. An Officer will then contact you within five working days to arrange a mutually convenient appointment.

Public Protection Division
Environment Directorate
Flintshire County Council
County Hall

(It would assist us if you include your name, postal address and telephone number in any written communication).

Tel: 01352 703404
Fax: 01352 703441

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