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The Planning Policy Service will be working remotely for the foreseeable future. This will have some impact on service delivery. Officers continue to prepare responses to LDP Deposit representations and remain on track in relation to the LDP Delivery Agreement timetable at present.

The next stage is for the Council to publish representations received and formally consider the comments and objections made and the proposed responses, and work is underway to determine the decision making process for this, given current emergency restrictions.

Once agreed the responses can be published and the plan prepared for submission to the Planning Inspectorate for future Examination.

If you have general policy queries or questions about the LDP, please submit these via email either directly to the relevant officer (if you know) or to the general email address

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Local Development Plan

The Council is preparing a Local Development Plan (LDP) for the County. 

View the Local Development Plan web page

Flintshire Unitary Development Plan (FUDP)

The FUDP is the adopted development plan for the 15 year period 2000 – 2015.  The aim of the FUDP is to provide a framework for making rational and consistent decisions on planning applications and to guide development to appropriate locations.  This identifies sites where new housing, employment and other development can take place, as well as setting out policies to protect important countryside, habitats, resources and heritage.  Although the adopted UDP became time expired at the end of 2015 it remains the adopted development plan for the County.  Regard will need to be had to ensuring that the Plan is compliant with up to date Welsh Government guidance in Planning Policy Wales, Technical Advice Notes and any other relevant guidance.

Addendum: Please note that there is an error in the UDP hard copy written statement in relation to policy STR1 -  New Development. Criterion (a) of the policy should read:-

"generally located within existing settlement boundaries, allocations, development zones, principal employment areas and suitable brownfield sites and will only be permitted outside these areas where it is essential to have an open countryside location;"

This mirrors the electronic version of the policy.  For clarification the words " and suitable brownfield sites" were omitted from the hard copy version.

View the Flintshire UDP: Interactive Unitary Development Plan 

Inspect or purchase a paper copy of the plan

Copies of the FUDP are available for inspection at:

  • Ty Dewi Sant, Ewloe.
  • Council Offices, Flint,
  • Connects Office, Holywell
  • all libraries (including mobile libraries)

Joint Housing Land Availability Study (JHLAS)

TAN1 requires each local planning authority in Wales to ensure that sufficient land is genuinely available or will become available to provide a 5 year supply of land for housing. Where a local planning authority doesn’t have an adopted Unitary Development Plan or Local Development Plan (LDP), it is considered not to have a 5-year supply and cannot publish a Joint Housing Land Availability Study, and this is the current situation in Flintshire. In 2015 the process of publishing a study was underway when the Welsh Government decided the Council wasn’t able to publish a formal study. The Draft 2015 Site Schedule Summary is available on this link as is the Final 2015 Statement of Common Ground.

However, the Council is still required to monitor housing land supply and to collate the information as part of the evidence base for the LDP. The Council therefore produces an annual monitoring report which follows the guidance in TAN1 and contains the Council’s estimates of the number of units likely to be completed in the next five years.

2016 Housing Land Monitoring Study 

2017 Housing Land Monitoring Study

2018 Housing Land Monitoring Study

2019 Housing Land Monitoring Study


The most recent formal published (JHLAS) study is the 2014 Flintshire Joint Housing Land Availability Study.

At present the Council is unable to demonstrate a 5 year housing land supply as required by Welsh Government. This has resulted in a number of planning applications and enquiries for speculative development on sites outside settlement boundaries as defined in the adopted UDP. The Council has therefore drafted a Developer Guidance Note which was approved by Cabinet on 13/12/16. The purpose of the Note is to provide guidance to potential applicants on providing comprehensive evidence to demonstrate that the proposed development is sustainable and is both viable and deliverable in order that it will make a genuine and early contribution to housing land supply and construction on the ground. 

The data collected as part of the yearly JHLAS process also feeds into the monitoring arrangements for Policy HSG3 of the UDP. This policy sets out growth thresholds and ceilings in certain categories of settlements whereby new housing development must be to meet local needs. The monitoring period for this policy ended on 1st April 2015 and although the growth threshold in category B settlements and growth ceiling in category C settlements no longer apply, new housing developments in category C settlements should still meet a proven local housing need nevertheless, the Settlement Growth Schedule sets out the position as at April 2015 in terms of what level of growth actually took place in each settlement.

Regional employment land strategy for North Wales

The North Wales economy has an adequate provision of strategic employment land that is able to meet the needs of investors according to the results of a recent study.

Summary - Regional Employment Land Strategy for North Wales (PDF 50KB new window)

Regional Employment Land Strategy for North Wales (PDF 3MB new window)

Planning Policy Team

Any queries relating to the adoption of the FUDP should be directed to the Policy Team. Email: Helpline: 01352 703213.