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Contaminated land

Britain’s long history of industrial activity and the disposal of waste generated by an ever-increasing population have left a legacy of contamination. It has been estimated by the Environment Agency that there may be some 300,000 hectares of land in theUKthat have been affected to some extent as a result of natural phenomena and human activity.

Legislative provision has been made in order that the potential for land to be affected by contamination may be investigated and for land that is found to be contaminated to be addressed. The legislation imposes a requirement on each local authority to adopt a strategy to explain the way in which land that may be affected by contamination, will be identified and contamination remediated.

This must be undertaken in a strategic manner hence, the production of the Contaminated Land Strategy. The Strategy sets out the ways in which Flintshire County Council will proceed with the task.

Contaminated Land Strategy 2013 (PDF 3MB new window)

The Development of Land Affected by Contamination (PDF 1MB new window)

Contaminated Land FAQ (PDF 1MB new window)

Contaminated land register (The documents which are below):

Contaminated land remediation notice wirral (PDF 500KB new window)

Contaminated land remediation statement Beechwood (PDF 2MB new window)

Contaminated land remediation statement Bilberry (PDF 2MB new window)

Contaminated land remediation statement Wirral (PDF 1MB new window)

If you require any further information about the Contaminated Land Strategy in Flintshire please write to us:

Contaminated Land Officer, Pollution Control Section, Public Protection, Environment Directorate, Flintshire County Council, County Hall, Mold, FlintshireCH7 6NF

(It would assist us if you include your name, postal address and telephone number, in any written communication).

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