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Councillor Allowances

The 22 unitary authorities in Wales are each required to have a Schedule of Member Remuneration which governs the entitlement of Members to receive various allowances.  The Flintshire’s schedule is shown below.  This schedule can be amended from time to time, in Flintshire this is usually done at the annual meeting of the Council. 

Schedule of Member Remuneration for the Financial Year 2018/2019
Schedule of Member Remuneration for the Financial Year 2017/2018
Schedule of Member Remuneration for the Financial Year 2016/2017
Schedule of Member Remuneration for the Financial Year 2015/2016

There are the following types allowances paid to elected members that are governed by the Scheme:-

  • Basic Allowance (paid to all Members at the same rate).
  • Special Responsibility Allowance (paid up to a maximum of 18 of the Council’s Members at different rates according to the responsibility the Member has).
  • Care Allowance (payable to a Member to reimburse for the expense of caring for dependents arising from Council business).
  • Travel & Subsistence Allowances (payable in relation to a Member attending on approved duties, such as attendance at Council or Committee meetings.  The approved duties are listed in the Scheme of Member Remuneration.

Claims for Travel and Subsistence Allowances are made on the red claim forms obtainable from Member Services.  Once completed and signed they should be returned to Member Services, together with relevant receipts.  Claims for Travel and Subsistence must be made within 4 months of the month in which the expenditure was incurred.  The Member Services Team will help in the completion of the claim forms.

Members should contact their local tax office for the tax implications of the allowances they receive.

The Regulations governing allowances give residents of the Council area the right to see the amounts of allowances paid to individual Members.  The Regulations also require the Council to give public notice as soon as practical after the end of a financial year of the total sum paid to each elected Member and co-opted member for each type of allowance.  This information for the last financial year is shown below.

Register of Allowances paid to Co-opted members in 2016/17