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Preparing for Winter

We’re prepared for winter, are you?

Winter is a very busy time of year for Streetscene especially when temperatures drop and snow is on the way.  Our teams start the winter preparations as early as October, so you may see our gritting vehicles out and about.  The vehicles are driven once a week to ensure they are in full working order and at the same time, we train new drivers.  This is to ensure we have maximum resources available should our teams be deployed to grit the County’s roads.

Call volumes and enquiries to Streetscene also increase at this time of year, especially in cases of severe weather.   We always aim to deal with enquiries as quickly and efficiently as possible but in some cases, the answer can be found on our web pages.

You too can begin to think about preparing for winter.   Take a look at our gritting and snow clearing pages, we have lots of information on there and links to other useful websites too.  

Did you know?

·          We treat nearly 400 miles of road surface prior to a predicted frost or snow event

·          During the winter of 2012/13   we used just over 13,000 tonnes of salt and during the period of heavy snow in March/April 2013 Streetscene dealt with over 18,000 calls

·          Our gritting vehicles are also used for spreading sand on the road when we receive reports of oil/fuel spillages.