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Community Transport in Flintshire

An efficient and effective public transport system provides a key role within local communities, both in urban and particularly rural areas of the County. It can provide links to employment, health care and shopping areas for those without access to their own vehicle and it can also reduce traffic congestion by reducing the number of car journeys made by those people with vehicles, By linking the communities to their local towns, good public transport links also provides additional turnover for the shops and businesses within the towns.

The Council is however facing difficult decisions on the services it can provide in the future and the current level of subsidy for local bus services are becoming unaffordable, as the Council faces even further reductions in the budget it receives from Welsh Government. Transport services are not a statutory service for the Council and in many areas of the Country bus subsidies have been removed altogether.

Whilst the difficult financial climate means that the level of subsidy will inevitably reduce over the next three years, Flintshire County Council has made the decision not to remove the transport subsidy completely, but to invest their resources in replacing the current scheduled services with sustainable local ‘’Community Transport’’ arrangements. Community Transport is a transport service provided by the local community in response to specific local transport needs. Schemes are run on a not-for-profit basis, or as a social enterprise, often involving volunteers to manage and deliver the services.

Community Transport is a safe, accessible, cost-effective and flexible form of transport. It can be developed to directly address gaps in public transport provision and create noticeable and lasting social and economic benefits.

Community Transport is of particular value to people who, for a variety of reasons do not have access to a car or public transport. It also provides a lifeline in both rural and urban areas, catering for a variety of needs and situations.

The service will be operated locally and will be supported by both the Town and Community Councils and the County Council, with the proposed service following a wide variety of forms; including the use of local community taxi services, the community operating its own mini bus service and local bus services providing links to the main commercial bus services.

Most of the Town and Community Councils in Flintshire have agreed to become involved in the development of the project and a series of drop in events are planned within each of the communities, which will allow potential users and providers of the service to meet with both the County Council and Town and Community Council staff who are organising the service. The needs and demand of the communities will be identified through these informal drop in events and the development of working groups will be formed once the need is identified. A Community Transport toolkit has been developed by Flintshire County Council to assist Community/Town Councils and organisations in developing community transport opportunities across a number of geographical areas. The information in this document will provide advice and guidance in order to consider establishing a community transport provision.

We are also working closely with Community/Town Councils to identify suitable Integrated Transport hubs across Flintshire. Community Transport services will link into the core bus network at these transport “hubs,” providing access to essential key services such as employment, shopping, education, training and health and will make provision for sustainable access to the hubs, in addition to community transport.

Everyone is welcome to attend these drop in events which will be held over the next six weeks with details advertised on the Councils web-site and locally in each case.

Schedule for community drop-in events
 Time/Date Location Town/Community Councils
03/02/17 - 10am-11am Ffrith Community Centre  
09/02/17 - 9.30am-10.30am Cymau Community Centre   
13/02/17 - 6.30pm-7.30pm Abermorddu School   
16/02/17 - 5.30pm-7.30pm Hafan Deg Community Centre   
21/02/17 - 6.30pm-7.30pm Llanfynydd RDA  
22/02/17 - 4.30pm-5.30pm Gwaenysgor Village Hall   
24/02/17 - 4.30pm-5.30pm Trelawnyd Memorial Hall