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Active Travel Integrated Network Map Consultation

Flintshire County Council’s consultation on its draft Integrated Network Map (INM) has now closed.  The consultation responses have now been considered and the INM has been amended accordingly. The amended maps below will be submitted to Welsh Government for approval early November.

Flintshire Central (pdf)

Flintshire Overview INM (pdf)

Flintshire South (pdf)

Flintshire South East (pdf)

Deeside Industrial Park

Flintshire Central East

Flintshire North East

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Public consultation has now started on Flintshire County Council’s Integrated Network Map and Schedule which is a 15-year vision to improve infrastructure for walkers and cyclists across the County. The Integrated Network Map has been developed to meet our duties under the Active Travel Act which was passed by the Welsh Assembly in October 2013.  The aim of the Act is to encourage people to walk or cycle for short journeys to access a workplace or educational establishment or to access health, leisure or other services or facilities and to ultimately make Wales a walking and cycling nation. For further information about the Active Travel Act click below:


The consultation, which will run from 3rd July to 24th September 2017, is an opportunity for the public to have their say on the proposals set out on the Integrated Network Map. You can respond to these consultation proposals by emailing active.travel@flintshire.gov.uk

What happens next?

Consultation responses will be considered with a view to amending the proposals on the Map where it is deemed appropriate. 

A Consultation Report will be published and the Integrated Network Map will be submitted to Welsh Government for approval by 3rd November 2017.

Integrated Network Map

All of the proposals have been assessed for compliance with the Active Travel Design Guidance. The proposals are a mixture of provision for walking, cycling and shared use facilities and provide opportunities for Active Travel Journeys to services and facilities, but many also offer recreational provision. The proposals are set out on Settlement Maps below which make up the Integrated Network Map.

The schedule which accompanies the Integrated Network Map outlines the measures proposed. Please refer to the references on the routes on the Maps and cross reference against the Schedule. Flintshire Settlements Schedule (pdf)

Please view the proposals by clicking on the maps below:

In addition to the specific measures outlined on the Maps and Schedule above we have longer term proposals to connect other settlements.  Please view these proposals on the Map and Schedule below:

Connecting settlements map (pdf)

Connecting Settlements Schedule (pdf)

Existing Route Map Changes

Since the publication of the approved Existing Route Maps in 2016  there have been a number of small changes to routes in some settlements.  

We are required to resubmit any amended Existing Route Maps to Welsh Government when submitting our Integrated Network Maps. The changes are shown on the Settlement Maps below and are described in the table of changes (pdf)

Mynydd Isa

If you require paper copies of the Maps, or copies in an alternative format, please contact us by sending an email to active.travel@flintshire.gov.uk

Public Consultation Drop In Events

Public ‘Drop-in’ sessions have been arranged at the following locations to give Flintshire residents the opportunity to meet with Council Officers and discuss the maps or any other aspects of Active Travel.

Public Consultation Drop In Events
 Venue Date Time
 Mold Town Council Offices  Thursday 20th July, 2017  14:00 - 19:00
 Holywell Connects Offices  Thursday 3rd August, 2017  12:00 - 17:00
 Deeside Leisure Centre  Tuesday 8th August, 2017  14:00 - 19:00
 Flint Pavilion  Tuesday 5th September, 2017  14:00 - 19:00


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